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Jack Mussellam (Primary Source)

Read and listen to M. Mussellam's veteran's testimony below.

Please be advised that Memory Project primary sources may deal with personal testimony that reflect the speaker’s recollections and interpretations of events. Individual testimony does not necessarily reflect the views of the Memory Project and Historica Canada.


Nichola Goddard

Nichola Goddard, MSM, soldier (born 2 May 1980 in Madang, Papua New Guinea; died 17 May 2006 in Afghanistan). Captain Nichola Goddard was the first female Canadian soldier to die in combat. Her death shocked the nation and was widely covered by Canadian news media. Although many Canadians believed that military combat was a job for men, Goddard’s story revealed the commitment, service and sacrifice of women in the Canadian armed forces.


Andrew Mynarski, VC

Andrew Charles Mynarski, airman, Victoria Cross recipient (b at Winnipeg 14 Oct 1916; d at Cambrai, France 13 June 1944). Mynarski was the mid-upper gunner of a Lancaster bomber that was shot down by a German aircraft.


James FitzGibbon

James FitzGibbon (sometimes spelled Fitzgibbon), soldier, public servant (born 16 November 1780 in Glin, County Limerick, Ireland; died 12 December 1863 in Windsor Castle, England). Lieutenant and hero of the War of 1812, James FitzGibbon is best known for his actions as a guerrilla fighter who harassed the American forces, and for being the soldier whom Laura Secord informed of the American surprise attack after the capture of Fort George in May 1813. (See also Battle of Beaver Dams.) Tough and wily, FitzGibbon was one of the few soldiers who fought both conventional battles and irregular warfare during the War of 1812.


Sir Isaac Brock

Sir Isaac Brock, military commander, administrator of Upper Canada (born 6 October 1769 in St Peter Port, Guernsey, England; died 13 October 1812 in Queenston Heights, Upper Canada). Major-General Sir Isaac Brock is best known for defending Upper Canada against American forces during the War of 1812. He is, in part, credited with defeating the Americans at Fort Mackinac and Detroit. He died in the Battle of Queenston Heights, but has been immortalized as a great hero of Upper Canada.