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François-Xavier Mercier

François-Xavier Mercier (Merçay). Tenor, teacher, b Quebec City, 13 Aug 1867, d Quebec City 22 Dec 1932. He sang in Quebec City from his early childhood, especially at the Church of the Congregation of Notre-Dame (now Jacques-Cartier).


Robertson Davies: A Farewell

All mortals are replaceable, runs the modern mantra, betraying the ethic of programmed obsolescence that has come to dominate our culture. But there are exceptions, and one of them - Robertson Davies - died last week, leaving a gap in the Canadian conscience that can never be filled.


Marie Daveluy

Marie (Marguerite Cécile Alice Louise) Daveluy. Soprano, teacher, b Victoriaville, Que, 20 Mar 1936. She studied 1956-9 in Vienna with Ferdinand Grossmann and Viktor Graef and received a grant from the Canada Council in 1960.


Marilyn Engle

(Judith) Marilyn Engle. Pianist, teacher, b Calgary 27 Jul 1946; B MUS (Juilliard) 1969, M SC MUS (Juilliard) 1970, MA (New York) 1975. Marilyn Engle's piano studies in Calgary with Gladys Egbert and in New York with Ilona Kabos led to first prizes in the 1966 CBC Talent Festival and the 1969 J.S.


Frédérick Glackemeyer

Frederick (b Johann Friedrich Conrad) Glackemeyer. Band conductor, string-instrument and keyboard player, music dealer, teacher, b Hanover 10 Aug 1759, d Quebec City 12 Jan 1836. Since EMC 1981 appeared, it has been confirmed that Glackmeyer was born in 1759, not 1751.


Pierre Grandmaison

Pierre Grandmaison. Organist, teacher, composer, b Montreal 27 Jul 1949; B MUS (Montreal) 1970. He studied piano with Jeanne Gascon and 1966-70 with Marie Roby and Yvonne Hubert at the École Vincent-d'Indy. He also studied organ with Eugène Lapierre 1968-9 and with Françoise Aubut.


Ronald Turini

Ronald Turini. Pianist, teacher, b Montreal 30 Sep 1934; premier prix (CMM) 1950. Born of a US-Italian father and a Canadian mother of Danish origin, he had piano lessons as a very young child from his mother and from Frank Hanson at the McGill Cons.


Robert Savoie

Robert Savoie. Baritone, teacher, administrator, b Montreal 21 Apr 1927, d Montreal 14 Sep 2007; honorary D MUS (Moncton, 1988), honorary LL D (Concordia, 2001).


György Terebesi

Terebesi, György. Violinist, teacher, b Budapest 23 Jul 1932, naturalized German 1970, naturalized Canadian 1986. He studied violin and chamber music in Budapest, at the Conservatory (1948-50) and at the Franz Liszt Academy (1950-4).


Marcelle Deschênes

Marcelle Deschênes. Composer, teacher b Price, near Rimouski, Que, 2 Mar 1939; B MUS (Montreal) 1965, L MUS (Montreal) 1967. At the University of Montreal she studied 1963-7 with Jean Papineau-Couture and Serge Garant.


Françoys Bernier

Françoys (Joseph Arthur Maurice) Bernier. Pianist, conductor, producer, administrator, teacher, b Quebec City 12 Jul 1927, d Quebec City 3 Feb 1993. He began his musical studies as a child with his grandfather, Joseph-Arthur.


Pierrette Lepage

Pierrette (Marie Ethel Claudette) Lepage. Pianist, teacher, b Montreal 25 May 1939; B MUS (Laval) 1952, Artist Diploma (Toronto) 1959, BA (Toronto) 1960.


François Héraly

(J.A.) François Héraly. Clarinetist, bandmaster, teacher, b Flavin, near Namur, Belgium, 1856, d Montreal between 20 and 22 Jul 1920. In 1867 he began music study in Brussels, and in 1873 he attended the conservatory at Namur, where he joined a regimental band.


Guy Robert

Guy Robert, writer, teacher, critic, publisher, poet (b at Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, Qué 7 Nov 1933). After studies at U de Montréal and U de Paris he was among the first to teach the literature of art in Qué. Starting in the 1960s, he threw himself wholeheartedly into the QUIET REVOLUTION.


Gustave Smith

(Charles) Gustave Smith. Teacher, organist, composer, writer, painter, draftsman, b London 14 Feb 1826, d Ottawa 6 Feb 1896.


Antonio Létourneau

Antonio Létourneau. Organist, pianist, teacher, b Quebec City 28 Aug 1885, d Montreal 29 Oct 1948. As a child he was a soloist in Notre-Dame Church in Montreal. He began his musical studies in 1900 with Caroline Racicot and as early as 1904 was a pupil of R.-O.