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Gordon Giffin (Profile)

Those who have done business or politics with Gordon Giffin over the years use roughly the same set of adjectives to describe the 49-year-old Atlanta lawyer who is now the United States' ambassador to Canada. Serious. Analytical. Discreet. Extremely hardworking.


James K. Bartleman

James Karl Bartleman, OC, OOnt, diplomat, author, lieutenant governor of Ontario 2002–07 (born 24 December 1939 in Orillia, ON). James K. Bartleman spent nearly 40 years as a career diplomat, serving as high commissioner and ambassador to many countries, including South Africa, Cuba and Israel, and as a foreign policy advisor to Prime Minister Jean Chrétien. A member of the Mnjikaning First Nation, he became Ontario’s first Indigenous lieutenant-governor in 2002. Bartleman’s tenure as lieutenant-governor was highlighted by his advocacy for literacy and education in Indigenous communities and his efforts to end the stigma around mental illness.


Jean Désy

Jean Désy, diplomat (b at Montréal 8 Jan 1893; d at Paris, France 19 Dec 1960). Educated at Laval and the Sorbonne, the highly intelligent Désy was called to the Québec Bar in 1915 and taught history and law at Université de Montréal, 1919-25.


Hugh Llewellyn Keenleyside

Hugh Llewellyn Keenleyside, academic, public servant, diplomat (b at Toronto 7 July 1898; d 27 Sept 1992). Only 7 months after joining the Dept. of External Affairs in September 1928, Keenleyside was posted to Tokyo 1929-36, where he assisted in opening Canada's first legation in Japan.


Blanche Margaret Meagher

Blanche Margaret Meagher, teacher, diplomat (b at Halifax, NS 27 Jan 1911; d there 25 Feb 1999). Meagher taught in Halifax 1932-42, when she became one of a few pioneering women in the Dept of External Affairs. She served under H.L.


Elizabeth Pauline MacCallum

Elizabeth Pauline MacCallum, diplomat, scholar (b at Murash in the Ottoman Empire [Turkey] 20 June 1895; d at Ottawa 12 June 1985). The daughter of missionaries, MacCallum graduated from Queen's and Columbia and taught in the Yukon.


Antonio Barrette

Antonio J. Barrette, premier of Québec in 1960 and leader of the Union Nationale (born 26 May 1899 in Joliette, Québec; died 15 December 1968 in Montréal).


Cairine Wilson

Cairine Reay Wilson (née Mackay), senator, diplomat, philanthropist (born 4 February 1885 in Montreal, QC; died 3 March 1962 in Ottawa, ON). In 1930, the year after the success of the Persons Case, Wilson was the first woman appointed to the Senate of Canada. She helped found and run political organizations that encouraged women and youth to get involved in politics. From the 1930s onwards, Wilson advocated for the admission of European refugees to Canada.


John Everett Robbins

John Everett Robbins, educator, diplomat (b at Hampton, Ont 9 Oct 1903; d at Regina 7 Mar 1995). He taught school in Saskatchewan for 3 years before entering U of Man. He later gained a PhD from U of Ottawa.


Arnold Heeney

Arnold Danford Patrick Heeney, public servant, diplomat (b at Montréal 5 Apr 1902; d at Ottawa 20 Dec 1970). A clergyman's son, he was educated at the University of Manitoba and Oxford.


Edgar Ritchie

Albert Edgar Ritchie, diplomat (b at Andover, NB 20 Dec 1916). A Rhodes scholar who worked for the British government and United Nations in the 1940s, Ritchie was a member of the Department of External Affairs (now FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND INTERNATIONAL TRADE), 1944-46, 1948-80.


Graham Spry

A political activist, he published the Farmers' Sun, renamed the New Commonwealth (1932-34); was coauthor of Social Planning for Canada, published by the LEAGUE FOR SOCIAL RECONSTRUCTION (1935); and was chairman of the Ontario Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (1934-36).


Arnold Cantwell Smith

Arnold Cantwell Smith, diplomat (b at Toronto, Ont 18 Jan 1915; d there 7 Feb 1994). A Rhodes scholar who joined the Dept of External Affairs in 1943, he was posted to Russia, 1943-45, and he acted as secretary to the Kellock-Taschereau Royal Commission (see Igor Gouzenko).


Humphrey Hume Wrong

Humphrey Hume Wrong, diplomat (b at Toronto 10 Sept 1894; d at Ottawa 24 Jan 1954). Grandson of Edward BLAKE and son of historian George WRONG, Hume Wrong was raised in privileged circumstances.