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 Established in 1790 by Scottish immigrants, Cavendish was originally a farming community. With the 1930s' establishment of the national park, TOURISM has become the community's principal employer. It was in Cavendish that novelist and native Lucy Maud MONTGOMERY wrote ANNE OF GREEN GABLES.


New Brunswick

New Brunswick is one of three provinces collectively known as the "Maritimes." Joined to Nova Scotia by the narrow Chignecto Isthmus and separated from Prince Edward Island by the Northumberland Strait, New Brunswick forms the land bridge linking this region to continental North America. It is bounded in the north by Québec and in the west by the US (Maine). In 1784, the British divided Nova Scotia at the Chignecto Isthmus, naming the west and north portion New Brunswick after the German duchy of Brunswick-Lunenburg. New Brunswick is now the only officially bilingual province in Canada.


Anne Brown

Anne Brown, née Nelson, wife, mother (born 1827 in Edinburgh, Scotland; died 6 May 1906 in Edinburgh).


John Buchanan

John MacLennan Buchanan, premier of Nova Scotia 1978–90, senator 1990–2006, lawyer (born 22 April 1931 in Sydney, NS; died 3 October 2019). A master political campaigner, Buchanan was the longest-serving Conservative premier in Nova Scotian history, and was among the leaders who negotiated the accord to repatriate Canada’s Constitution in 1982.


H. Frank Lewis

H. Frank Lewis, broadcaster, lieutenant-governor of Prince Edward Island (born in York, Prince Edward Island). Frank Lewis is Prince Edward Island's 41st lieutenant-governor.


Bruce Holder

Holder, Bruce (Edward). Violinist, conductor, composer, b Saint John, NB, 8 Jan 1905, d Toronto 27 Aug 1987. His father, Fred Holder, was a trumpeter in local theatre orchestras. Bruce studied violin with Morton L. Harrison and William C.


Annual Canada Day Survey

Two years ago, our annual Canada Day special report compared Canada with its bête noire and sibling to the south, and we liked, and were sometimes surprised, by what we found. Last year, we tested Canada against the wider world and again performed impressively.


William Keith Rogers

Rogers, William Keith. Composer, b Charlottetown 16 Mar 1921; M MUS (Juilliard) 1948. Early success in competitions encouraged Rogers to enter the Juilliard School in 1939 where he studied piano with Arthur Newstead and composition with Vittorio Giannini, Bernard Wagenaar, and Frederick Jacobi.


Jonathan McCully

Jonathan McCully, senator, politician, journalist, lawyer, teacher (born 25 July 1809 in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia; died 2 January 1877 in Halifax, NS).


Angèle Arsenault

Angèle Arsenault, OC, OPEI, singer, songwriter, pianist, guitarist, actor, broadcaster (born 1 October 1943 in Abrams Village, PEI; died 25 February 2014 in Saint-Sauveur, QC).


Nova Scotia and Confederation

Nova Scotia was one of the four founding provinces of Canada. It joined New Brunswick,  Ontario and Quebec in Confederation on 1 July 1867. However, this was mainly because Confederation delivered the Intercolonial Railway to the Maritimes, and because of the efforts of Sir Charles Tupper. His government passed approval for Confederation in the colonial legislature despite popular opposition. (See Confederation’s Opponents.) Confederation was met with mass protests in the colony. Joseph Howe led a two-year effort to repeal the union. (See Repeal Movement.) But Howe finally decided he could do more to help his province by working inside the federal government. He joined the federal Cabinet in 1869.


Sir Joseph Pope

Sir Joseph Pope, public servant, External Affairs (b at Charlottetown, PEI 16 Aug 1854; d at Ottawa 2 Dec 1926), son of W.H. Pope, brother of Georgina Pope.


Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is Canada's smallest province, making up just 0.1 per cent of Canada’s total land area. It is situated in the Gulf of St Lawrence and separated from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick by the Northumberland Strait. PEI was known to its earliest settlers, the Mi’kmaq as Abegweit, meaning "cradle in the waves,” and was described by Jacques Cartier in 1534 as "the fairest land that may possibly be seen." PEI's deep red soil has always been its most striking feature and, together with the sea, the mainstay of the population since the early 18th century.


Mavor Moore

James Mavor Moore, OC, OBC, writer, composer, producer, director, actor, administrator, critic, educator (born 8 March 1919 in Toronto, ON; died 18 December 2006 in Victoria, BC).