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Leatherworking in New France began in the 17th century when the first groups of colonists began farming around Québec City and Ville-Marie [Montréal].


France Daigle

​France Daigle, Acadian author (born 18 November 1953 in Dieppe, a suburb of Moncton, New Brunswick), is the leading representative of postmodern Acadian literature.


Jean Bochart de Champigny

Jean Bochart de Champigny , chevalier, INTENDANT of New France 1686-1702 (b after 1645; d at Hâvre-de-Grâce, France Dec 1720). A competent and conscientious intendant, Champigny worked to sustain military preparedness during 13 years of war with the Iroquois nations and the British.


Pierre de Voyer d'Argenson

Pierre de Voyer d'Argenson, governor of New France 1658-61 (bap in France 19 Nov 1625; d there 1709?). There was an Iroquois attack the day following Governor d'Argenson's arrival at Québec, and negotiations with and defence against these powerful enemies were his major preoccupations.


Médard Chouart des Groseilliers

Médard Chouart Des Groseilliers, explorer, fur trader (bap at Charly-sur-Marne, France 31 July 1618; d at New France 1696?). A man of courage who valued personal freedom and initiative, Des Groseilliers opened Lakes Michigan and Superior to the fur trade and Jesuit missionaries.


Claude de Ramezay

Claude de Ramezay, officer, acting governor of NEW FRANCE (b at La Gesse, France 15 June 1659; d at Québec C 31 July 1724). An officer in the TROUPES DE LA MARINE, he arrived in Canada in 1685. He served as governor of


Jacques Cartier

Jacques Cartier, navigator (born between 7 June and 23 December 1491 in Saint-Malo, France; died 1 September 1557 in Saint-Malo, France).


France Rivet

Traveller, photographer, writer and researcher, France Rivet is a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society and founder of Polar Horizons, an enterprise that is dedicated to making the Arctic, its nature, people and history better known. For more than 20 years, France's photos and texts have been published in various written and online media. Author of the book In the Footsteps of Abraham Urikab and researcher for the documentary Trapped in a Human Zoo, which aired on CBC’s The Nature of Things with David Suzuki, France has been nominated by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television for the 2017 Barbara Sears Award for Best Editorial Research (TV).


William France

William (Edward) France. Organist, composer, pianist, teacher, b Milberta, north of North Bay, Ont, 21 Apr 1912, d Ottawa 23 Nov 1985; FCCO 1937, B MUS (Toronto) 1941, honorary FRCCO 1980. He had piano lessons with his mother and later with Catherine Gibson.


France Dion

(Marie Marguerite Aline) France Dion. Soprano, teacher, born Québec City 16 May 1929; died Boucherville 2 Jul 2011.



It is one of the oldest settlements in North America: on 24 July 1534, Jacques Cartier took possession of Canada on behalf of the king of France and placed a cross at this location, which very soon became a fishing port and supply centre for New France.