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Olive Dickason

Olive Patricia Dickason (née Williamson), CM, Métis journalist, historian, university professor, author (born 6 March 1920 in Winnipeg, MB; died 12 March 2011 in Ottawa, ON). Dickason was the first scholar in Canada to receive a PhD in Indigenous history. Her ground-breaking research and books about Indigenous and Métis history and culture transformed how Canadians perceive the origin of their country and Indigenous peoples. Dickason’s work inspired a new generation of scholars, helping to launch Indigenous studies as an area of scholarly research. She received an Order of Canada in recognition of her achievements.


Frances Brooke

Here she wrote what may be described as the first Canadian novel, The History of Emily Montague (1769), which she enriched with descriptions of landscape and climate, current events and inhabitants of the new colony.


Helmut Kallmann

Helmut Max Kallmann, CM, music librarian, historian (born 7 August 1922 in Berlin, Germany; died 12 February 2012 in Ottawa, ON). A pioneering music historian, Helmut Kallmann was the foremost scholar of Canadian music history.


Acadian Heritage

This collection explores the rich heritage of the Acadians through articles and exhibits, as well as quizzes on arts and culture, history and politics, historical figures, and places associated with the Acadian people.


Willie Seaweed

Willie Seaweed, or Hiamas, a formal address meaning "right maker," or more commonly Kwaxitola, meaning "smoky-top," Northwest Coast artist, singer, dancer (b at Nugent Sound, BC c 1873; d at Blunden Harbour, BC 1967).


Moses Znaimer (Profile)

This article was originally published in Maclean’s magazine on May 8, 1995. Partner content is not updated.

"Far-fetched nonsense," scoffed The Globe and Mail’s John Doyle, while The Toronto Star’s Greg Quill dismissed him as "an outrageous pompous bore, a self-promoting Big Brother talking down to us all.


Goodwin's Latest Show

Signs of Life is a powerful collection of 33 mixed-media works, drawings, sculptures and a major installation by Goodwin who, at 72, is one of Canada's most outstanding artists.


Dwayne Morgan

Dwayne Morgan, poet, spoken word artist, motivational speaker (b at Toronto 15 Oct 1974). While Morgan's ancestors are from Jamaica, he grew up in Toronto.


Nathaniel Dett

(Robert) Nathaniel Dett. Composer, educator, pianist, b Drummondville (now Niagara Falls), Ont, 11 Oct 1882, d Battle Creek, Mich, 2 Oct 1943; B MUS (Oberlin) 1908, honorary D MUS (Harvard) 1924, M MUS (Oberlin) 1926, M MUS (ESM, Rochester) 1932.


Frederic Hubert Soward

Frederic Hubert Soward, historian, educator (b at Minden, Ont 10 Apr 1899; d at Vancouver 1 Jan 1985). Educated at Toronto, Edinburgh and Oxford, he taught history at UBC 1922-64 (head of department, 1953-63).


George White

George White, né Weitz, producer, director, librettist, lyricist, actor, dancer (b at New York City, NY 1890; d at Hollywood, Calif 10 Oct 1968).


George Arluk

George Arluk, artist (b in the Keewatin region, NWT 5 May 1949). An Inuit sculptor now living in Arviat, Nunavut, Arluk began to teach himself how to carve soapstone at age nine.


Betty Goodwin (Profile)

This article was originally published in Maclean’s magazine on November 30, 1998. Partner content is not updated.

Betty Goodwin draws on the skin of things. She makes art with flattened shrouds of disembodied clothes, old vests pressed into paper like dried flowers. She stitches scars onto a black tarpaulin that hangs folded, with ropes dangling, like a stage curtain.


Jian Ghomeshi

Jian Ghomeshi, singer, songwriter, musician, broadcaster, writer, manager (born 9 June 1967 in London, England). Jian Ghomeshi was a member of the quirky, alternative pop-folk group Moxy Früvous from 1990 to 2001. He parlayed that recognition into a radio and television career with the CBC, hosting such entertainment talk shows as >play, The National Playlist and Q. He wrote a best-selling memoir, 1982 (2012), about growing up as an Iranian Canadian in Thornhill, Ontario, and stayed active in the music business as an artist manager. His career and national profile unravelled in the fall of 2014 when he was fired by the CBC and charged with sexual assault in incidents involving several women (see Jian Ghomeshi Case).


Gino Vannelli

Gino Vannelli, singer, composer (b at Montréal 16 June 1952). Though he launched his recording career as Vann-Elli in 1970, it wasn't until 4 years later, using his own name, that Vannelli first found fame.


Léo-Ernest Ouimet

Léo-Ernest Ouimet, director, producer, distributor, exhibitor (b at St-Martin, Qué 16 Mar 1877; d at Montréal 2 Mar 1972). Ouimet, one of the most important men in the history of Canadian cinema, was a true innovator.


Charlotte Gray

Charlotte Gray, historian (born in England). Prior to immigrating to Canada from England in 1979, Charlotte Gray attended Oxford University, earning a BA in modern history and later pursuing post-graduate work at the London School of Economics.


A Place to Happen

It has been said that Canadians don’t tell our own stories or celebrate our own myths. Our history is full of epics considered “too small to be tragic,” as The Tragically Hip’s Gord Downie once sang.