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Le Soleil

Le Soleil is a French-language daily newspaper published in Québec City. It was founded in July 1880 under the name L’Électeur by a group of moderate Liberals including Wilfrid Laurier (who was its main éminence grise for close to 40 years). Its name changed to Le Soleil in 1896, and from 1936 to 1957 it gradually evolved into a major general newspaper. It still exists today in print and online, and is one of the main newspapers written in Québec City.


Keith Davey

Made a senator by Prime Minister PEARSON in 1966, Davey chaired a Senate investigation of Canadian mass media. Following the Liberal Party's near defeat in 1972, Davey was summoned by PMTRUDEAU to guide the party's electoral fortunes and was rewarded by a successful election in 1974.


C.D. Howe

Clarence Decatur Howe, engineer, politician (b at Waltham, Mass 15 Jan 1886; d at Montréal 31 Dec 1960). Howe was the most successful businessman-politician of his day, and provided a link between the Liberal Party and Canadian industry.


Ernest Lapointe

Ernest Lapointe, politician (born 6 October 1876 in St-Éloi, QC; died 26 November 1941 in Montréal). Under Prime Minister Mackenzie King, Lapointe was minister of marine and fisheries (1921-24), minister of justice (1924-30, 1935-41), and was recognized as King's Québec lieutenant and his most influential adviser.


Jean Chrétien

Joseph-Jacques Jean Chrétien, CC, PC, OM, QC, prime minister of Canada 1993–2003, lawyer, author, politician (born 11 January 1934 in Shawinigan, QC). Lawyer and longtime parliamentarian Jean Chrétien was Canada’s 20th prime minister. Early in his political career, Chrétien helped negotiate the patriation of the Canadian constitution as well as the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. As Prime Minister, he led the federal government to its first surplus in nearly 30 years. However, his administration also presided over a costly sponsorship program in Quebec that sparked one of the worst political scandals of modern times. His government committed Canadian forces to the Kosovo conflict (1999) and to the war in Afghanistan (beginning in 2002). Chrétien publicly refused to provide direct support for the subsequent American war in Iraq. The recipient of numerous honours and awards, he is involved in several international organizations dedicated to peace, democracy and other global concerns.


Georges-Émile Lapalme

Georges-Émile Lapalme, politician (b at Montréal 14 Jan 1907; d there 5 Feb 1985). Leader of the Québec Liberal Party 1950-58, he left his mark as a reformer of the party and thus helped prepare it for its role as catalyst of the QUIET REVOLUTION.


Jean Marchand

Critical of the rise of separatism in Québec in the early 1960s, Marchand was persuaded by PM Lester Pearson to be a member of the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism and to join the federal Liberal Party in 1965.


Sir James Pliny Whitney

Sir James Pliny Whitney, lawyer, politician, premier of Ontario 1905-14 (b in Williamsburg Twp, Canada W 2 Oct 1843; d at Toronto 25 Sept 1914). After breaking a 33-year Liberal hold upon the province, he headed an administration


Tories Can't Focus on CBC

After the Conservatives won power in last January's election, the television business held its collective breath. Insiders assumed change was coming. The days of Liberal emphasis on supporting the CBC and funding worthy Canadian shows above all else were surely numbered.


Lemuel John Tweedie

Lemuel John Tweedie, lawyer, politician, premier of NB (b at Chatham, NB 30 Nov 1849; d there 15 July 1917). After developing an extensive law practice Tweedie served as surveyor general and provincial secretary before becoming Liberal premier in 1900.


Charlotte Whitton

After resigning from the Welfare Council in 1941, Whitton championed women's equality in politics and the workplace. However, her views on women, as on the WELFARE STATE, were contradictory. She opposed more liberal divorce laws and criticized married women who worked.


Shawn Graham

Graham's father, Alan, was a long-serving Liberal MLA (Kent) and cabinet minister in New Brunswick when he retired in 1998. His son Shawn, then just 30, ran in the resulting by-election, winning his seat by more than 2500 votes.