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Essay Writing: Getting Started With a Thesis

Let’s face it, when students are asked to write an essay for a history or social studies class, a feeling of dread sometimes follows the teacher’s assignment. This is often because we fear the process of writing an essay or research project. For help getting through this process, read through the following tips, they might make essay writing a little easier for you.

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Women in Canadian History Education Guide

As we celebrate a century of women’s suffrage, it’s important to recognize that while this victory was a landmark achievement, social change and the push for equality weren’t born from, nor completed by, achieving the right to vote. Women in Canada have played a crucial role in the story of the past and how it shapes the present. Women’s history seeks to write women back into the parts of the narrative from which they have been omitted, with the goal of telling a more complete story.

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The War of 1812: Overview Guide

This education guide uses themes of perspective, identity, historical significance, legacy, and personalities to engage students with defining moments in Canadian history, international relations, and Aboriginal and multicultural history. This guide is made possible with generous support from TD Bank Group.

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How to Find a Reliable Online Source

There is a lot of information online but not all of it is accurate or reliable. Making sure that you have good source material is the first step towards developing a great essay or project. But how can you tell the difference between a good source and a bad one? The following tips will help you decide and make choosing sources a little easier.