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Ableism is discrimination, prejudice or a systemic bias against individuals with disabilities. Ableism instills the idea that disabled people are less than people without disabilities. Ableism is commonly connected with other forms of oppression such as racism and sexism. As discussions of ableism have evolved over time, more socially or activist-minded definitions of ableism, such as Talila Lewis’ one, have come to the forefront. Some gravitate toward broader definitions linked to intersectional aspects of identity. Issues like class, race and gender are increasingly being taken into account alongside disability.


Patrick Watson

Patrick Watson, CC, television producer and host, filmmaker, author, actor (born 23 December 1929 in Toronto, ON; died 4 July 2022). Patrick Watson is perhaps best known as a creator, producer and co-host of CBC TV’s popular and influential current affairs program This Hour Has Seven Days (1964–66). He was a noted journalist and filmmaker and the creative director and principal writer of the original Heritage Minutes. He also served as chairman of the CBC during its controversial restructuring in the early 1990s. Watson was named an Officer in the Order of Canada in 1981. He was promoted to Companion in 2001.


Human Rights

Human rights are rights that we all have by virtue of our shared humanity. Depending on the nature of the right, both individuals and groups can assert human rights. Human rights as we understand them today are a relatively modern concept. All human rights are indivisible, interrelated and interdependent. None has automatic precedence over any other. The realization of human rights is a constant struggle on the part of people who suffer injustices and who seek redress. Human rights are an important part of the social fabric of Canadian society. Canadians have also played a role in the evolution of human rights on the international stage.