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Generation X in Canada

Generation X describes the generation of people born roughly between 1965 and 1980. (See Population of Canada.) In Canada and many other Western countries, Generation X is a smaller age cohort. This is the case when compared to the much larger baby boom generation that precedes it and the millennial generation that follows it. Generation X is considered a bridge between the eras of those two larger generations. The experiences of Gen Xers are defined by rapid technological and social changes.


Intergenerational Trauma and Residential Schools

Historical trauma occurs when trauma caused by historical oppression is passed down through generations. For more than 100 years, the Canadian government supported residential school programs that isolated Indigenous children from their families and communities (see Residential Schools in Canada). Under the guise of educating and preparing Indigenous children for their participation in Canadian society, the federal government and other administrators of the residential school system committed what has since been described as an act of cultural genocide. As generations of students left these institutions, they returned to their home communities without the knowledge, skills or tools to cope in either world. The impacts of their institutionalization in residential school continue to be felt by subsequent generations. This is called intergenerational trauma.