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William E. Benjamin

William E. (Emmanuel) Benjamin. Theorist, musicologist, composer, b. Montreal 7 Dec 1944; B MUS (McGill) 1965, MFA (Princeton) 1968, PH D (Princeton) 1975. He studied piano at the CMM and in 1966 won a Woodrow Wilson national fellowship, the first of several such awards.


William Edwin Collin

William Edwin Collin, literary critic (b at Oakenshaw, Eng 9 May 1893; d at London, Ont 21 Dec 1984). His The White Savannahs (1936, repr 1975), a modernist study of 9 Canadian poets, established him as a major Canadian critic. Collin applied the ideas of such writers as T.S.


William Ford Gibson (Profile)

Gibson has become adept at viewing the world from a mind-warping distance. In essence, that is what he does in his writing. The 47-year-old author, who was raised in Virginia but has lived in Canada since 1969, has reinvented the landscape of science fiction.


William France

William (Edward) France. Organist, composer, pianist, teacher, b Milberta, north of North Bay, Ont, 21 Apr 1912, d Ottawa 23 Nov 1985; FCCO 1937, B MUS (Toronto) 1941, honorary FRCCO 1980. He had piano lessons with his mother and later with Catherine Gibson.


William Gibson

William Gibson's best-known novels comprise the Neuromancer trilogy; Neuromancer (1984), which features a data thief protagonist who can link his mind with the world-spanning computer matrix, won the Hugo, Nebula and Philip K.


William Goodridge Roberts

By the early 1950s, he had national prominence through his participation in numerous Canadian and international exhibitions, and in 1952 was one of 4 artists in Canada's first official participation at the Venice Biennale. He became the first artist-in-residence at UNB in 1959.


William Henry Anderson

W.H. (William Henry) Anderson. Composer, choir director, tenor, voice teacher, b London 21 Apr 1882, d Winnipeg 12 Apr 1955. He studied in London, first with Battistini and Garcia, then at the GSM on scholarship.


William Henry Bartlett

From this time until his death, Bartlett travelled widely in the Middle East, Europe and America, making hundreds of sketches for engravings in more than 40 books, 13 of which he wrote and illustrated himself.


William Henry Clapp

Living in Montréal from 1908 to 1915, Clapp exhibited some of the most advanced impressionist canvases in Canada. Almost a pointillist in touch, his surfaces vibrate with broken colour and dappled light.


William Henry Drummond

William Henry Drummond, poet (b at Mohill, County Leitrim, Ire 13 Apr 1854; d at Cobalt, Ont 6 Apr 1907). Drummond arrived in Canada with his parents in 1864. He studied at Bishop's and practised as a general physician in Montréal and Brome County, Qué.


William Herbert Dray

William Herbert Dray, philosopher, professor (born at Montréal PQ 23 June 1921; died at Toronto ON 6 Aug 2009). After serving as a navigator in the RCAF (SeeMILITARY AVIATION) during the SECOND WORLD WAR, William H.


William Herbert New

William Herbert New, literary critic, professor, editor, poet, children's writer, (born at Vancouver, BC 28 Mar 1938). New studied at the UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA and the University of Leeds.


William Hewlett

William (Henry) Hewlett. Teacher, organist, choir conductor, composer, b Batheaston, England, 16 Jan 1873, d Bronte, Ont, 13 Jun 1940; B MUS (Toronto) 1902, honorary D MUS (Toronto) 1936. He was a choirboy at Bath Abbey before emigrating to Canada with his family in 1884.


William James Richardson

William James Richardson, author, humorist, radio host (b at Winnipeg 11 Aug 1955). Bill Richardson was raised in Winnipeg and graduated from Silver Heights Collegiate. He attended the University of Winnipeg and received a Bachelor of Arts in French Studies in 1976.