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Charles Fleetford Sise

Charles Fleetford Sise, businessman (b at Portsmouth, NH 27 Sept 1834; d at Montréal 9 Apr 1918). Before coming to Canada, Sise had careers as a sea captain, as owner of shipping businesses and as an insurance executive.


Charles Woodward

Charles Woodward, merchant, politician (b in Wentworth County, Canada W 19 July 1842; d at Vancouver 2 June 1937). After failing as a farmer and having mixed success as a merchant on Manitoulin Island and at Thessalon, Ont, Woodward decided that Vancouver offered better opportunities.


Charles Sherwood Noble

Charles Sherwood Noble, agriculturist, industrialist (b at State Centre, Iowa 16 May 1873; d at Lethbridge, Alta 5 July 1957). He developed the Noble Blade, a cultivator that gave dryland farmers everywhere their first sure method of protecting soil from wind erosion.


Charles Seward Wilcox

Charles Seward Wilcox, businessman (b at Painesville, Ohio 16 Mar 1856; d at Hamilton, Ont 6 June 1938). Wilcox attended Dartmouth College and Yale U, graduating in 1879, the same year as Canada's NATIONAL POLICY tariff gave substantial new protection to the iron and steel industries.


Michael Lee-Chin

Michael Lee-Chin, businessman, investor and philanthropist (born 3 January 1951 in Port Antonio, Jamaica). Lee-Chin is president and chairman of Portland Holdings, a private investment company. According to Canadian Business magazine, Lee-Chin has an estimated net worth of more than $3.95 billion (as of 2017) and was ranked the 20th wealthiest Canadian. He is also one of the richest Jamaicans. Lee-Chin is also a dedicated philanthropist and has pledged and donated more than $60 million to hospitals, universities and, most notably, the Royal Ontario Museum, where the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal is named in honour of his $30-million pledge.


Sir John Christian Schultz

Sir John Christian Schultz, businessman, medical practitioner, politician (b at Amherstburg, UC 1 Jan 1840; d at Monterey, Mexico 13 Apr 1896). Schultz settled at the RED RIVER COLONY in 1861. He practised medicine but increasingly occupied himself with furs, retail trade and real estate.


William Mellis Christie

William Mellis Christie, biscuit manufacturer (b at Huntley, Aberdeenshire, Scot 5 Jan 1829; d at Toronto 14 June 1900). He apprenticed as a baker in Scotland, and at age 19 immigrated to Canada.


Sir William Christopher Macdonald

Sir William Christopher Macdonald, manufacturer, philanthropist (b at Glenaladale, PEI 1831; d at Montréal 9 June 1917), son of Donald Macdonald, president of the Legislative Council of PEI. Educated at Central Academy, Charlottetown, Macdonald began his career as a Montréal commission merchant.


Clifford Clark

Clifford Clark, civil servant (b at Martintown, Ont 18 Apr 1889; d at Chicago 27 Dec 1952). Clark attended Queen's and Harvard before returning to Queen's as a lecturer in 1915, where he helped establish banking and commerce courses. In 1923 he joined the American investment firm of S.W.


Thomas Clark

Thomas Clark, merchant and officeholder (b probably in Dumfrieshire, Scot c 1770; d at Niagara Falls Oct 1835). Clark arrived in Upper Canada in 1791 and engaged in portaging and merchandizing under the patronage of his cousin, Robert Hamilton.


Clark's New Job

On Monday of last week, Glen Clark, ex-New Democrat premier of B.C., was hanging off the side of an office tower 28 floors above downtown Vancouver. He didn't have a noose around his neck, as some in the business community might wish. Far from it.


Jean-Claude Parrot

Jean-Claude Parrot, trade union leader (b at Montréal, Qué 24 July 1936). He was the longtime leader of the militant, 23 000-member-strong Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW).


John Edward Cleghorn

John Edward Cleghorn, banker and philanthropist (b at Montréal 7 July 1941). A university football player, he studied commerce and history, graduating from McGill University with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1962.


Francis Clergue

Francis Hector Clergue, financier and industrial promoter (b at Brewer, Maine 28 May 1856; d at Montréal 19 Sept 1939). Born of Huguenot parents, Clergue studied law at Maine State College.


Vernon Clifford Fowke

Vernon Clifford Fowke, economic historian, professor (b at Parry Sound, Ont 5 May 1907; d at San Francisco, Calif 24 Feb 1966). He graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 1929, and immediately joined the teaching staff.


Clifford William Robinson

Clifford William Robinson, lawyer, businessman, premier of NB 1907-08 (b at Moncton, NB 1 Sept 1866; d at Montréal 27 July 1944). In 1897 Robinson was elected mayor of Moncton and a member of the provincial Assembly.