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Electrical Appliances Industry

The dominant activity of the electrical appliance industry in Canada is the design, manufacture and sale of major household appliances. The core products (ie, those with very high saturation levels, approaching the category of necessities) are refrigerators, ranges, automatic washers and dryers.



Apprenticeship, as a form of instruction in which a novice learns from a master of a craft or art, has existed for thousands of years.



Aquaculture is the human-controlled cultivation and harvest of freshwater and marine plants and animals. Synonyms include fish farming, fish culture, mariculture, fish breeding and ocean ranching.


Archambault Musique

Archambault Musique. Business concern established in Montreal in 1896 by Edmond Archambault. It began as a sheet music store at the corner of Ste-Catherine and St-Hubert streets and moved later to Ste-Catherine and Berri.


Architectural Competitions

An architectural competition occurs when designs are prepared by two or more architects for the same project, on the same site, at the same time. Some competitions are open, meaning that any architect within a designated area is eligible to enter.


Argus Corporation Ltd

Argus Corporation Ltd, with head offices in Toronto, is a specialized investment and holding company, incorporated in 1945. Attracting little interest to itself or its activities for much of its history, Argus was thrust into


Monty Quits as BCE CEO

In preparation for a meeting of the board on Friday, April 19 - five days before his surprise resignation shocked Canada's business community - Jean Monty spoke privately and individually with each of his 12 fellow directors. He wanted to talk through his strategy for beleaguered BCE INC.


Edwin Ashdown Ltd.

Edwin Ashdown Ltd. London music-publishing firm established in 1825 by C.R. Wessel as Wessel and Stodart, and known 1860-84 as Ashdown & Parry before taking its current name. Its catalogue has emphasized piano and vocal music.


Gluskin Sheff + Associates

Gluskin Sheff + Associates (GSA) is a small, personalized investment management firm overseeing investment portfolios of $3 million or more. Its clientele includes "high net worth" individual and institutional (eg, pension funds, charities) investors from North America and beyond.