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Herbert Greenfield

Herbert Greenfield, farmer, politician, businessman, premier of Alberta 1921–25 (born 25 November 1867 in Winchester, England; died 23 August 1949 in Calgary, AB). Herbert Greenfield immigrated to Canada in 1892. He established a homestead north of Edmonton in 1906. By 1921, he was president of the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and an interim vice-president of the United Farmers of Alberta (UFA).

Herbert Greenfield, 1921

Greenfield was not initially a candidate when the UFA entered the 1921 provincial election campaign; he was asked to accept the position of premier after it was refused by Henry Wise Wood. Greenfield was sworn in as premier, provincial secretary and provincial treasurer on 13 August 1921. He led the novice UFA government in its response to drought and credit problems of Alberta farmers; as well as its assistance in establishing a voluntary wheat pool and other commodity marketing pools. (See also Agricultural Marketing Board; Grain Handling and Marketing.)

Greenfield was often ill and absent in 1923. He was increasingly regarded as ineffective thereafter, although he maintained his personal popularity. He resigned on 23 November 1925 in favour of John Edward Brownlee.

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