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Loretteville, QC, is a neighbourhood in Quebec City. Incorporated as a town in 1947, Loretteville amalgamated with Quebec City in 2002. Loretteville is located about 15 km northwest of downtown Quebec City, on the banks of Rivière Saint-Charles. It is often mistaken for the Huron-Wendat or Wendake reserve, an enclave within Loretteville (see also Reserves in Quebec).


From 1760 to 1904, Indigenous and non-Indigenous people alike were members of the same church congregation, Saint-Ambroise-de-la-Nouvelle-Lorette. In 1904, the Huron-Wendat received their own chapel and church register. A parish municipality and village were simultaneously set up to serve the non-Indigenous population. One municipality became the town of Neufchâtel (now part of Quebec City) and the latter became Saint-Ambroise. In 1913, Saint-Ambroise was renamed Loretteville. Loretteville annexed the town of Château-d'Eau in 1965. In 2002, Loretteville became part of Quebec City.


Loretteville benefits economically from the tourist dollars spent in and around Wendake. These tourists are attracted by the prospects of learning about the history of the Huron-Wendat by visiting Notre-Dame-de-Lorette Chapel and the museum in Maison Aroüanne.