Premiers of Nova Scotia

For more information on provincial politics see: Nova Scotia.

Premier Party Term
Tim Houston Progressive Conservative 2021-present
Iain Rankin Liberal 2021
Stephen McNeil Liberal 2013-21
​Darrell Dexter
NDP 2009-13
Rodney J. MacDonald Progressive Conservative 2006-09
John Frederick Hamm Progressive Conservative 1999-2006
Russell Gregoire MacLellan Liberal 1997-99
John Patrick Savage Liberal 1993-97
Donald William Cameron Progressive Conservative 1991-93
Roger Stuart Bacon Progressive Conservative 1990-91
John MacLennan Buchanan Progressive Conservative 1978-90
Gerald Augustine Regan Liberal 1970-78
George Isaac Smith Progressive Conservative 1967-70
Robert Lorne Stanfield Progressive Conservative 1956-67
Henry Davies Hicks Liberal 1954-56
Harold Joseph Connolly Liberal 1954
Angus Lewis Macdonald Liberal 1945-54
Alexander Stirling MacMillan Liberal 1940-45
Angus Lewis Macdonald Liberal 1933-40
Gordon Sidney Harrington Liberal Conservative 1930-33
Edgar Nelson Rhodes Liberal Conservative 1925-30
Ernest Howard Armstrong Liberal 1923-25
George Henry Murray Liberal 1896-1923
William Stevens Fielding Liberal 1884-96
William Thomas Pipes Liberal 1882-84
John Sparrow Thompson Liberal Conservative 1882
Simon Hugh Holmes Liberal Conservative 1878-82
Philip Carteret Hill Liberal 1875-78
William Annand Reform 1867-75
Hiram Blanchard Liberal Conservative 1867

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