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Prud'homme, Saskatchewan, incorporated as a village in 1922, population 167 (2016 census), 172 (2011 census). The village of Prud'homme is located about 45 km northeast of Saskatoon. Prud'homme is the hometown of Jeanne Sauvé, a former cabinet minister in the Pierre Trudeau government, the first woman to hold the position of Speaker of the House of Commons and the first woman to act as Governor General of Canada.


The area was originally settled about 1897. During its early years it had several names including Marcotte Crossing, Lally Siding (1904) and Howell (1906). In 1922, its name was changed again to Prud'homme, in honour of Joseph H. Prud'homme, the bishop of Prince Albert and Saskatoon. Today, Prud'homme continues to be a small rural service centre for the local agricultural population.