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The first Canadian periodicals to pay attention to music were early literary journals such as The Montreal Museum: or Journal of Literature and Arts (Montreal 1832-3), Le Fantasque (Quebec 1837-45, 1848-9), Literary Garland (Montreal 1838-51), Le Ménestrel (Quebec 1844-5), The Anglo-American Magazine (Toronto 1852-5), and L'Écho du cabinet de lecture paroissial (Montreal 1859-75). Many of their volumes included pieces of music and an occasional article or concert review. Music occupied a regular if not dominant position in magazines devoted to a combined coverage of the arts, beginning with L'Artiste (1860) and Les Beaux-Arts (1863-4), both published in Montreal. Similar partnerships were evident in many later publications, eg, Arcadia, The Arion, Canadian Review of Music and Art, Curtain Call, Le Nigog, LePasse-Temps, and Qui? and continued in the 1970s in Performing Arts in Canada. The first exclusively musical periodicals were George F. Graham'sCanadian Musical Review (Toronto 1856) and Adélard J. Boucher's Le Canada musical (Montreal 1866-7, 1875-81). Their fate - a short life-span - was shared by many of the several hundred periodicals listed on the following pages.

Fortunately, more than a few periodicals have been able to survive for relatively long periods. Among those of general appeal that lasted nine years or longer were La Lyre, Musical Canada, and Le Passe-Temps; among those of some longevity and still being published in 1990 were Aria, Canadian Musician, Coda, Chansons d' aujourd'hui, Country Music News, Live, Music Express, Music Magazine, Musicworks, Opera Canada, Performing Arts in Canada, Sonances, Son hi-fi vidéo and Sound & Vision House organs such as the various magazines of the Canadian Music Centre, JMC (YMC), TCM and RCMT, the TSO News, VSO, and Western Music News have had long runs. The same can be said of several magazines addressed to special professional groups, Anacrusis, Canada Country, The Canadian Bandmaster, TheCanadian Music Educator, the Canadian Music Trades Journal, Harmonie-Québec, OCSM Newsletter, Radio-activité, The Record, The Recorder, La Revue Saint-Grégoire, and RPM, as well as publications of musicians' union locals. Financial and editorial stability has been enjoyed also by fully subsidized journals such as TheCanadian Composer, and TheMusic Scene, backed by CAPAC and PRO Canada respectively, (and later merged as Canadian Composer, backed by SOCAN), by Musicanada, sponsored by the Canadian Music Centre and later revived by the Canadian Music Council, and to a more limited extent by the journals and newsletters of professional societies of teachers, ethnomusicologists, organists, therapists, manufacturers, and other groups. While the 1980s did see the decline of some general coverage periodicals such as Musicanada, a large number of new specialized publications, including Bluegrass Canada Magazine, Circuit, Consort, Contact, Country, Fan Club, Folk-lore, Jazz Report, Muscien québécois, Musick, Network, Streetsound, and Ultra haute fidelité/Ultra High Fidelity Magazine, have emerged.

Canadian music periodicals have adopted many formats, achieved widely different levels of sophistication, and proceeded from a variety of editorial and critical attitudes. Most, however, have sought to promote recognition of Canadian achievement and discussion of vital issues. Many have succeeded in contributing to the development of taste and the spread of knowledge. Even the least have helped document musical history under the immediate impact of events, though reporting in earlier times often was limited in coverage and regional in bias. The historian's work is aided greatly when a certain period is well documented by periodicals and suffers when it is not. The period 1962-5 (between the demise of The Canadian Music Journal and the beginning of The Canadian Composer), for instance, is poorly documented by Canadian music periodicals. Unfortunately consultation of many periodicals is made difficult by their rareness on library shelves. To help alleviate this problem, in the 1980s, some periodicals began to appear on microform, including L'Art musical, Audio Scene Canada, Canadian Composer, Canadian Journal of Music, Canadian Musician, Coda, Musical Canada, Music Scene, Musicworks, Le Passe-Temps, and Piano Canada.

Indexing also improves access to periodicals. Several Canadian music periodicals are indexed by the Canadian Magazine Index and/or the Canadian Periodical Index, including Canadian Composer, Canadian Musician, Coda, Musicworks, Opera Canada, Performing Arts, and Music Scene. In addition to these, the Canadian Folk Music Bulletin and Journal, Canadian Music Educator, Canadian University Music Review, Musicanada, Sonances, and Music Magazine are indexed by Music Index.. Point de rèpere indexes Aria, Compositeur canadien, and Sonances. Furthermore the National Library of Canada maintains the Canadian Musicians Index/Index des musiciens canadiens covering all the Canadian music periodicals received by the Music Division. Magazines have occasionally published their own index issues including À l'écoute (Feb 1991), Alla breve (Fall 1989), Canadian Band Journal (Fall 1989), Canadian Folk Music Journal (no. 17, 1989), Canadian Musician (Apr 1989), Music Magazine (Oct 1987), Ostinato (Jan 1991), Sonances (Summer 1989), and Yé-Yé (Dec 1989).

Canadian music magazines face problems common to magazines everywhere and also some that are unique to the nature of this country. In early days, as in recent ones, opening editorial statements conveyed idealism and an urgent sense of purpose, and the reasons for failure also have remained much the same. Often they were economic - the difficulty of competing with well-established foreign magazines, and the small market for subscriptions and advertising sales - but also technical, in particular the problems encountered in gathering news reports in a vast country. Some of the failures may be blamed on publishers' lack of judgment - launching magazines without securing funds and copy for at least the first year, starting in the face of local competition, championing parochial causes, attempting to make do with spare-time editors, and other such factors. In addition, the indifference of readers and of Canadian writers (many early magazines had to fill their pages with reprinted articles and news items from foreign publications) must share the blame for the failure of many Canadian music magazines.

With the escalating costs of paper, printing, and postage from the 1960s on, recessions in the early 1980s and 1990s, and the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax in 1991, financial assistance became an imperative in the survival techniques of music magazines, and in response the Canada Council, the OAC, the MACQ, and other national and provincial arts-support organizations developed helpful subsidy programs.

Despite these problems new Canadian music periodicals continue to appear and many long established titles, such as those listed above, are self-supporting and have achieved national and international recognition. The development of desk top publishing has helped the appearance and eased the production difficulties of many publications. One trade magazine The Record, is available electronically. As the 1990s begin, music periodicals in their totality continue to promote, document, reflect, and enrich musical life in Canada. However, a disquieting phenomenon has developed in the last quarter of the 20th century, and not in Canada alone: the needs of specialized interest groups have been well satisfied, but a large void has developed at the middle of the scale between the extremes of academic style and 'easy reading,' of promotion and criticism, of documentation and opinion, of basic issues and ephemeral concerns. Since the demise of the CMCouncil's Musicanada, news of a general nature and discussion of broad issues, and hence contact between the main interest groups, has been hard to find.

The following list of Canadian periodicals is arranged in alphabetical order by title. Indicated are title and significant title changes; parent organization in the case of house organs; place(s) and dates of publication; normal frequency of publication; relationship to preceding, succeeding, and absorbed periodicals. Annotations are added when helpful in clarifying the predominant subject matter and language. Completeness of information has been difficult to achieve because complete runs of many periodicals cannot be found in any library and because others lack proper identification of place, issue number, or date of publication. Besides music periodicals proper, magazines devoted only partly to music have been included when music is a regular component (ie, the subject of more than an occasional article or a review column). Newsletters and bulletins are included if their content may be of general interest or documentary value. Excluded are concert programs in the form of magazines, annual reports of organizations, academic calendars, catalogues such as Acquisitions put out by the CMCentre, Audio-Key, Film/video Canadiana, and similar publications.

Alphabetical Listing

Explanation of Symbols and Terms
Ÿ The majority of issues feature pieces in musical notation, either in the main body of the magazine or in a supplement.

// The magazine has ceased publication.

Monthly often implies double issues for certain periods, eg, 10 issues per year.

'Continues' or 'continued by' indicate that the numbering system of the older magazine is taken over by the newer one. In other cases of succession the terms 'supersedes' and 'superseded by' are used. The open dash after a founding year (eg, 1967- ) signifies that publication continued in 1990.


Academy News! Vancouver Academy of Music. Three times a year. 1980-

The Academy of Country Music Entertainment Newsletter. (Irregular). 1976-8. // Continued by What's News

Acaditout.. Centre Culturel de Moncton, NB. Monthly. 1976-7 //

ACA Newsletter. See Alberta Composers' Association.

ACCC. Association of Canadian Choral Conductors newsletter. Fredericton. Quarterly. 1981-3. // Continued by Anacrusis

Accents. Music Education Council of the New Brunswick Teachers' Association. Sackville; Moncton, NB. Three or four times a year. 1975-

ACME Newsletter. See The Academy of Country Music Entertainment

À Coeur Joie nouvelles. Montréal. 1989-

L'Action musicale. St-Jérôme, Que. Bi-weekly; weekly. 1932 //

ACWC Bulletin AFCC. Association of Canadian Women Composers/Association des femmes compositeurs canadiennes. Toronto. Quarterly. 1990-. Continues ACWC Newsletter 1982-90

Adagio. St-Hyacinthe, Que. Six times a year. 1975-6 // (classical records; French language)

Ad Lib. Toronto. Monthly. 1944-7? // (pop music; English language)

Afterthought. Ottawa. Monthly. 1970 // (two issues only; pop music)

Agend'art. Société du Grand Théatre de Québec. 1987-

À l'affiche du Club musical du Québec. Quebec City. 1990-

À la ronde. FAMEQ. Chambly, Que. Six times a year. 1981-

Alberta Choral Federation Newsletter. Edmonton. Five times a year. 1981?-2. // Continued by Quires

Alberta Composers' Association Newsletter. Edmonton. Quarterly. 1978-9. // Continued by Composers West

Alberta Music Educator. Alberta Music Educators' Association. Calgary; Edmonton. Bi-annual. 1965-8 //

Alberta Music Express. See Music Express (II).

Album littéraire et musical de la Minerve. Ÿ Montreal. Monthly (weekly 1873-74). 1849-51, 1872-4. Continues Album littéraire et musical de la Revue canadienne

Album littéraire et musical de la Revue canadienne. Montreal. Monthly. 1846-8. // Continued by Album littéraire et musical de la Minerve

L'Album musical. Montreal. Monthly. Prospectus Dec 1881; 1882-4? //

À l'Écoute. L'Alliance des Chorales du Québec. Montreal. Approx tenor times a year. 1976-

Alla breve. Institut Kodály du Canada. Montreal. Three times a year. 1984-

Alternance. Bulletin of the CMCentre, Quebec region. Montreal. Three times a year. 1989-

À l'unisson. Aquarelles de Blainville. Blainville, Que. 10 times per year. 1980-

The Alumni Bulletin. See The Studio Bulletin.

The Amateur Musician/Le Musicien amateur. CAMMAC. Montreal. Quarterly. 1964-9. // Continued CAMMAC Journal, superseded by Cammuniqué.

The Amateur Musician title given to CAMMAC National Office Newsletter. 1980-6 //

Les Amis de l'orgue de Québec. Bulletin. Approx three times a year. 1968-

Les Amis de la Scène lyrique. Bulletin. Montreal. Quarterly. 1978. // Continued by Aria

Anacrusis. Association of Canadian Choral Conductors. Fredericton. Quarterly. 1983-. Continues ACCC

Apéro-opéra. L'Opéra de Montréal. 1986 // (English and French editions)

Arcadia. Montreal. Bi-monthly. 1892-3 // (music, art, literature; English language)

Aria. Montreal. Quarterly. 1979-. Continues Les Amis de la Scène lyrique. Bulletin (French language)

ARIA Newsletter. Alberta Recording Industry Association. Edmonton. Monthly. 1988-

The ArionToronto. Monthly. 1880-1 // (music, literature, drama)

ARRAY Newsletter. ARRAY. Toronto. Irregular. 1972-8 // (five issues only)

L'Artiste. Montreal. Weekly. 1860 // (two issues only; music, literature, religion)

L'Art musical. Montreal. Monthly. 1896-9 //

Association de Musicothérapie du Canada. Le Journal. See Canadian Music Therapy Journal.

Association des organistes du diocèse de Montréal. Bulletin de Laudem. 1990-

Audio Scene Canada. Toronto. Monthly. 1974-81. // Continued Electron. Superseded by Audio Video Canada

Audio Trade Merchandising. Toronto. Monthly. 1978-

Audio Video Canada. Toronto. Monthly. 1981-2. //. Absorbed by Sound Canada


Band Digest International. Red Deer, Alta. Quarterly. 1989-

Bansuri. Calgary. Annual. 1984- (classical music and dance of India)

Bass Sound Post. International Institute for the String Bass. Halifax. Quarterly. ?-1971. // Continued by Probas

The B.C. Music Educator. British Columbia Music Educators' Association. Five times a year. 1977-. Continues British Columbia Music Educator and British Columbia Music Educators' Association Newsletter

B.C. Pipers Newsletter. Vancouver

Les Beaux-Arts.Ÿ Montreal. Monthly. 1863-4 // (music, art, literature, etc)

The Beaver Rock Paper. Ottawa. Monthly. 1972 // (four issues only)

Beetle. Toronto. Monthly. 1970-5? // (pop music)

Bell Magazine. Bell Piano and Organ Co. Guelph, Ont. Fl 1913 // (no copies located)

Bluegrass Canada Magazine. Kamloops. Six times a year. 1989-

Blues Local (originally Sharing the Message). Marieville, Que. Monthly. 1989-. (In English and French)

Blues Magazine. Toronto. Six times a year. 1975-9 //

Boréal Update.(originally Northern Lights Festival Newsletter). Northern Lights Festival Boréal. Sudbury. Irregular. 1978-

Le Borgo. Alliance chorale Nouveau-Brunswick. Irregular. 1979-

Boucher & Pratte's Musical Journal. Montreal. Monthly. 1881-2? // Supersedes Le Canada musical (I) (includes a section 'Le Journal musical')

La Boulée: Les carnets de la chanson québécoise. Montreal. 1965-6 // (two or three issues only)

Le Bouscueil. Alliance chorale canadienne. Approx three times a year. 1971-8 //

Bravo. Roy Thomson Hall/Massey Hall. Toronto. Six times a year. 1982-

British Columbia Choral Federation Newsletter. Vancouver. Quarterly. 1979-

British Columbia Music Educator. British Columbia Music Educators' Association. Vancouver. Quarterly. 1958-77 // Continued by The B.C. Music Educator

British Columbia Musician. Musicians Union, local 145. Vancouver. Monthly. 1923-8 //

British Columbia Registered Music Teachers' Association. Quarterly (originally six times a year) Bulletin. Vancouver. 1946-67. // Continued by Provincial Newsletter. Vancouver. Quarterly 1972-. Also issued Music Journal in the 1960s

British Columbia World of Country Music. See Country Music News.

Bulletin. See under name of organization.

Le Bulletin orchestral. See The Orchestra Letter.


Cadenza. Saskatchewan Music Educators' Association. Saskatoon. Quarterly. 1977-. Continues Saskatchewan Music Educators' Association Newsletter and Journal

Les Cahiers canadiens de musique/The Canada Music Book. Montreal. Bi-annual. 1970-6 //

Les Cahiers de l'ARMuQ. Association pour l'avancement de la recherche en musique du Québec. Montreal. Quarterly. 1983-

Cahiers d'information sur la recherche en éducation musicale. École de musique, Laval University. 1982-7 // Continued by Recherche en éducation musicale au Québec

CAMMAC Journal/Le Journal de CAMMAC. Montreal. Quarterly. 1959-64. // Continued by The Amateur Musician/Le Musicien amateur

CAMMAC Montréal Bulletin. Irregular. 1981-4// Continued by Nouvelles de CAMMAC Montréal

CAMMAC Montreal Newsletter. Irregular. 1969-81. // Continued by CAMMAC Montréal Bulletin

CAMMAC National Office Newsletter. Montreal. Irregular. Ca 1969-80. // Superseded by The Amateur Musician/Le Musicien amateur

CAMMAC Nouvelles de CAMMAC Montréal. Irregular. 1984-

CAMMAC Ottawa-Hull Bulletin. Irregular. 1981-

CAMMAC Notations. Ottawa-Hull. Irregular. 1970-1 //

Cammuniqué. CAMMAC. Montreal. Six times a year. 1970-2. // Supersedes The Amateur Musician/Le Musicien amateur

Le Canada artistique (I)Ÿ. Montreal. Monthly. Prospectus Dec 1889; 1890. // Continued as Canada-Revue (music, theatre, fine arts, literature)

Le Canada artistique (II)Ÿ. Montreal. Monthly. 1895-? // Continuation of Le Piano-Canada (music, fine arts)

Canada Country. Canadian Country Music Association. Quarterly. 1985-. Continues Country Music News (Thornhill)

Canada Folk Bulletin. Vancouver Folk Song Society. Six times a year. 1978-80. // Supersedes Come All Ye. Superceded by Canadian Folk Music Society Newsletter/La Société canadienne de musique folklorique Bulletin.

Le Canada musical (I)Ÿ. Montreal. Monthly. 1866-7, 1875-81. // Superseded by Boucher & Pratte's Musical Journal

Le Canada musical (II). Montreal. Bi-weekly. 1917-24, 1930 //

The Canada Music Book. See Cahiers canadiens de musique.

Le Canada qui chante Ÿ. Montreal (temporarily Quebec City). Monthly. 1927-30 //

Canada-Revue. Montreal. Monthly, later weekly. 1891-1909. // Continuation of Le Canada artistique (music discontinued 1892)

Canadian Accordion JournalWillowdale; Don Mills, Ont. Irregular. 1961?-9? //

Canadian Amateur Musicians-Musiciens amateurs du Canada. See CAMMAC.

Canadian Association for Music Therapy/Association de Musicothérapie du Canada. The Journal/Le Journal. Vancouver; Montreal. Annual. 1976-9? //. Continues Canadian Music Therapy Journal

Canadian Association for Music Therapy/Association de Musicothérapie du Canada Newsletter/Bulletin. Sarnia. Quarterly. 1988-

Canadian Association of Music Libraries/Association canadienne des bibliothèques musicales. Newsletter/Nouvelles. London, Ont. Quarterly. 1972-

Canadian Association of University Schools of Music/Association canadienne des écoles universitaires de musique. Journal. Vancouver; Ottawa; Calgary. Irregular. 1971-9. // Superseded by Canadian University Music Review

Canadian Association of Youth Orchestras. See CAYO News and Views

Canadian Band Directors' Association. see CBDA Journal

Canadian Band Directors Association (Ontario). Newsletter. Brantford, Ont. Six times a year. 1970-

Canadian Band Journal. Canadian Band Directors Association. Red Deer. Quarterly. 1984-. Continues CBDA Journal

The Canadian Bandmaster. Canadian Bandmasters' Association. Kilworthy, Ont. Up to six times yearly. 1949-67 //

Canadian Bandmasters' Association. Newsletter. 1933-4? //

The Canadian Bandsman. The Canadian Bandmasters' Association. Toronto; Waterloo, Ont. Generally four issues a year. 1942-9 //

The Canadian Bandsman and Musician (later The Canadian Bandsman and Orchestra Journal). Toronto. Monthly. 1913-24. // Absorbed by Musical Canada

Canadian Bluegrass Review. Waterdown, Ont. Six times a year. 1978-87 //

The Canadian College of Organists Bulletin. Toronto. Quarterly. 1925?-28? // Absorbed by Musical Canada

The Canadian Composer/Le Compositeur canadien. CAPAC. Toronto. Monthly. 1965-90. Superseded in part by Canadian Composer, Le Compositeur canadien, Probe, and Milieu

Canadian Composer. SOCAN. Toronto. Quarterly. 1990-. Supersedes in part The Canadian Composer/Le Compositeur canadien. and Music Scene. See also Probe

Canadian Electroacoustic Community/Communaté électroacoustic canadienne. See CEC Newsletter/Bulletin CEC.

Canadian Federation of Music Teachers' Associations. The News Bulletin. Winnipeg. Four, later three, times a year. 1946-71. // Supersedes Canadian Music Teacher. Continued by CFMTA Newsletter

Canadian Federation of Music Teachers' Associations. CFMTA Newsletter. Winnipeg. Quarterly. 1975-90. //. Continues Canadian Music Teacher. Continued by Music News

Canadian Flute Association Journal. Vancouver. 1980-? //

Canadian Folk Music Journal. Toronto; Calgary. Annual. 1973-

Canadian Folk Music Bulletin de musique folklorique canadienne. Canadian Folk Music Society/La Société canadienne de musique folklorique (1990- Canadian Society for Musical Traditions/Société canadienne pour les traditions musicales). Vancouver, Calgary. Three times a year. 1981-

Canadian Folk Music Society Newsletter/La Société canadienne de musique folklorique Bulletin. Moncton, NB; Montreal; Antigonish, NS; Vancouver. Irregular. 1965-81. //. Continued by Canadian Folk Music Bulletin de musique folklorique canadienne.

Canadian Guild of Organists' Journal. Toronto. Bi-annual. Ca 1912-? //

Canadian Independent Record Producers Association Newsletter. Toronto. Irregular. 1976-88. // Superceded by CIRPA Newsletter

The Canadian Journal of Music Ÿ. Toronto. Monthly. 1914-19 //

Canadian Music. Toronto. Monthly. 1940-1 //

Canadian Musical Digest. Toronto. Monthly. 1934 //

The Canadian Musical Herald. Toronto. Fl 1890-1. // Supersedes The Musical Journal

C anadian Musical News. Canadian Music Sales Corp. Toronto. Monthly. 1939-ca 1940 //

Canadian Musical Review. Toronto. Monthly. 1856-? // (only one issue located)

The Canadian Music and Drama. Kingston, Ont. Monthly. 1895-? //

Canadian Music Centre Newsletter. Toronto. Monthly. 1964-5. // For French edition see Centre musical canadien Bulletin de nouvelles.

Canadian Music Centre Newsletter. Vancouver. Monthly. 1978-1981. // Continued by Centregramme

The Canadian Music Educator/Le Musicien éducateur au Canada. Canadian Music Educators' Association/Association canadienne des éducateurs de musique. Toronto; Montreal; Victoria; Etobicoke. Quarterly. 1959-. For French titles see EMC entry The Canadian Music Educator.

Canadian Music Educators' Association/Association canadienne des éducateurs de musique Newsletter. St Catharines, Ont; Toronto. Generally quarterly. 1968-

Canadian Music Folio Ÿ. Toronto. Monthly. Fl 1892-3 //

The Canadian Musician(I). Later The Musician. Whaley, Royce & Co. Toronto. Monthly. Ca 1889-after 1906 //

Canadian Musician (II). Toronto. Six times a year. 1979-

The Canadian Music Journal. Sackville, NB; Toronto. Quarterly. 1956-62 //

Canadian Music Library Association Newsletter. Irregular. 1957-8, 1967-71 //

Canadian Music Teacher (I). Canadian Federation of Music Teachers' Associations. Vancouver. Irregular. 1937-46. // Superseded by CFMTA The News Bulletin

Canadian Music Teacher (II). CFMTA. Winnipeg. Quarterly. 1971-5. // Continued by Newsletter

Canadian Music Therapy Journal (originally Bulletin). Canadian Music Therapy Association. Kitchener, Ont;. 1973-6. Continued by Canadian Association for Music Therapy. The Journal

Canadian Music Trade. Toronto. Six times a year. 1979-

Canadian Music Trades Journal. Toronto. Monthly (temporarily semi-monthly). 1900-33. // In 1920 absorbed Phonograph Journal and Radio Trades

Canadian Opera Company News (originally COC News). Toronto. Quarterly. 1983-. Supersedes Overtures

Canadian Opera Guild News. Toronto. Quarterly 1968-76; 1982 //

Canadian Recording Industry Association. See CRIA News.

Canadian Review of Music and Art. Toronto. Monthly (irregular). 1942-8 //

Canadian Stereo Guide. See Stereo Guide.

Canadian String Teachers Association. Notes. London, Ont. Three times a year. 1977-83

Canadian University Music Review/Revue de musique des universités canadiennes. Canadian University Music Society/Société de musique des universités canadiennes. Ottawa. Annual. 1980-. Supersedes Canadian Association of University Schools of Music/Association canadienne des écoles universitaires de musique. Journal

Canadian University Music Society/Société de musiques des universités canadiennes Bulletin. Windsor. Bi-annual. 1989-

Canadian World of Country Music (originally World of Country Music). Langley, BC; Toronto. Monthly. 1972-3? //

Canawirl. Hamilton, Ont. Bi-monthly. 1965 //

Capital Country News. Ottawa. Monthly. 1980-1. // Continued by Country Music News

CARAS News originally CARAS Beat). Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. Toronto. Six times a year. 1986-.

Le Carillon. Montreal. Irregular. 1926-7. // Absorbed by La Lyre

Carnet musical. Ensemble Claude-Gervaise. Chambly, Que. Quarterly. 1971-5 //

CAYO News and Views. Canadian Association of Youth Orchestras. Banff, Alta. Irregular. 1978-80. Continued by CAYO Publication AOJC. 1980-3. Continued by Notes.

CBC Times. Toronto; Vancouver; Winnipeg. Weekly. 1948-70 // (broadcast schedule, commentary, Eastern, Pacific, and Prairie region editions)


CBDA Journal. Canadian Band Directors' Association. Penhold, Alta. Quarterly. 1976-84. // Continued by Canadian Band Journal

CEC Newsletter/Bulletin CEC. Canadian Electroacostic Community/Communaté électroacoustic canadienne. Three times a year. 1986-. See also Contact

Centregramme: The Newsletter of the B.C. Regional Branch of the Canadian Music Centre/Centre de musique canadienne. Vancouver. 1981-

Centre musical canadien. Bulletin de nouvelles. Toronto. Monthly. 1964-5. // For English edition see Canadian Music Centre Newsletter.

Centre Notes. Canadian Music Centre, Ontario Region. Toronto. Quarterly. 1983-6. // Superseded by Notations

Chansons d'aujourd'hui. Office des communications sociales, Montréal. Six times a year. 1977- (pop music)

Chansons populaires. Ÿ Ville d'Anjou, Que. Undated [1970-1?] //

Le Chanteur. Montreal. 1916- ??

C hoirs Ontario. Toronto. Six times a year. 1982-. Continues Ontario Choral Federation Newsletter

Chorus. Nova Scotia Choral Federation newsletter. Halifax. Bimonthly (irregular). 1981-. Continues NSCF News

Christian Choir Association of Ontario League News. Hamilton, Ont. Monthly. 1956-?

The Church Choir. Toronto. Monthly. Ca 1905-07? // (one issue located)

Circuit. U de Montréal. Bi-annual. 1991-

CIRPA Newsletter. Canadian Independent Record Production Association. Toronto. Eight times a year. 1988-

Classical Accordion Society of Canada Newsletter. Ottawa. Quarterly. 1979-

Coast to Coast Country. Edmonton. Six times a year. 1984-5? // Continues Alberta Country

Coda (Coda Magazine 1981- ). Toronto. Six times a year. 1958-

Combo. Toronto. Monthly. 1966-? // (pop music)

Come All Ye. Vancouver Folk Song Society. 1972-7. // Superseded by Canada Folk Bulletin

Communiqué. See Jeunesses musicales du Canada.

Composers West. Alberta Composers' Association. Calgary. Quarterly. 1979-81. //. Continued ACA Newsletter

Le Compositeur canadien. See The Canadian Composer

Le Compositeur canadien. SOCAN. Quarterly. 1990-. Supersedes in part Le Compositeur canadien/The Canadian Composer and La Scène musicale. See also Milieu

Con Brio. National Arts Centre Orchestra Association/Association de l'orchestre du Centre national des arts. Ottawa. Bi-annual. 1976-

ConNotes. Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto. Five times a year. 1980-6. // Continued by RCM Bulletin

Conservatoire de musique de Montréal. Le Bulletin. Montreal. Quarterly. 1969-70? //

Conservatoire de musique de Montréal. See also Le Diapason and La Tonique.

The Conservatory Bi-Monthly (from 1912 The Conservatory Monthly). Toronto Conservatory of Music. Toronto. 1902-13 //

The Conservatory Quarterly Review (later The Conservatory Review). Toronto Conservatory of Music. Toronto. After 1931 twice a year. 1918-35 //

Consort. Early Music Society of Nova Scotia. Halifax. Five times a year. 1983-

Contact. Canadian Electroacoustic Community/Communauté électroacoustic canadienne. Montreal. Five times a year. 1988-. See also CEC Newsletter/Bulletin CEC

Contact: the West Coast Music Connection. Richmond, BC. Monthly. 1980-2 //

Continuo. Toronto. Monthly. 1978-. Continues Early Music Directory

Counterpoint. Toronto. Quarterly. 1979 // (two issues only)

Country. Toronto. Six times a year. 1989-

Country Gentleman. Toronto. 1965 //

Country Music Connection. Edmonton. Monthly. 1976-? //

Country Music News(originally World of Country Music, then British Columbia World of Country Music). Langley, BC. Irregular. 1972-4 //

Country Music News.. Ottawa. Monthly. 1982-. Continues Capital Country News

Country Music News. Academy of Country Music Entertainment. Thornhill, Ont. Irregular. 1979-85. Superseded What's News. Continued by Canada Country

Crescendo (I). Toronto Musicians' Association. Irregular. 1958?-

Crescendo (II). Étudiants de l'École Vincent-d'Indy. Montreal. 1966-? //

Crescendo (III). Prince Edward Island Music Educators' Association. Charlottetown. Three to four times a year. 1979-80? //

CRIA News. Canadian Recording Industry Association. Toronto. Irregular. 1975-8 //

Crooked Beat Sheet. Guelph, Ont. Monthly. 1983-6? // (reggae music)

The Curtain Call. Toronto. Bi-monthly, later monthly. 1929-41 // (music, theatre, etc)


Deja Voodoo Train. Og Music. Montreal. Quarterly. 1984-9 //

Dick Damron Country Music Newsletter (Dick Damron, the Legend and the Legacy Newsletter 1989- ). Bentley, Alta. Five times a year. 1979-

Le Diapason. Association des élèves du Conservatoire provincial de musique et d'art dramatique. Montreal. 1944-? //

Disc. Montreal. 1946- //

Disc. Quality Records. Toronto. ca 1958-??

Le Disco. Montreal. 1977. // Superseded by Disco Fever (partly English, partly French language)

Disco Fever. Montreal. Annual. 1978-? Superseded Le Disco (partly English, partly French language)

Disco-mag. Montreal. Undated [1969-?] // (French language)

Disque-ton. Cité d'Anjou, Que. Monthly. 1957?-69? //

Dominion Musical Advertiser. Montreal. 1874-? //

Dominion Musical Journal. Toronto. Monthly. 1891-? //

Down Home. Orangeville, Ont. Six times a year. 1976-81 // (country music)

Early Music Directory (originally The Toronto Early Music Directory). Toronto. Monthly. 1977-8. // Continued by Continuo

The Echo. R.S. Williams. Toronto. Fl 1920 //

L'Echo du pin-pon. Association pour la diffusion de musiques ouvertes. Montreal. Quarterly. 1986 // (English and French)

L'Écho musical(I). Montreal. Monthly. Prospectus 1887; 1888-? //

L'Écho musical (II) Ÿ. Montreal. Bi-weekly. 1913-? //

Educator's Profile. Yamaha Canada Music Ltd. National Education Division. Winnipeg. 1978-9. // Supersedes Yamaha Education News

Élan. École de lutherie artistique du Noroît. Three times a year. 1989-

Electron. Toronto. Monthly. 1964-74. // Continued by Audio Scene Canada

Ensemble (also called Music at Western 1984-5). University of Western Ontario. Faculty of Music. London, Ont. Bi-annual. 1976-9; 1988-

Entr'acte. Musicians' Guild of Montreal/Guilde des musiciens de Montréal, local 406. Monthly. 1953-

Entre-Nous. Ed Archambault Inc. Montreal. Monthly. 1929-31 //

FAMEQ à la une. Fédération des associations de musiciens-éducateurs du Québec. Sainte-Foy, Que. 5 time a year. 1987-

Fan club/Fan Club. Montreal. Monthly. (French edition) 1986- ; (English edition) 1987- (pop music)

Fan Fair Country Music Magazine. St Catharines, Ont. Monthly. 1980. // Continued by Jamboree Country Music

Fédération des harmonies du Québec See Harmonie-Québec.

Fêtes et festivals. La Société des festivals populaires du Québec. Montréal. Annual. 1987-. Continues Tam ti delam

Focus on Culture/La Culture en persective. Ottawa. Quarterly. 1989- (cultural statistics)

Folk-lore. Association Québecoise des 'Loisiers folkloriques'. Montreal. Bimonthly. 1988-. Continues Loisiers folkloriques

The FM Guide. (originally Toronto FM Guide). Toronto. Monthly. 1971-83 //

Fredericton Bluegrass and Oldtime Music Association Newsletter. Monthly (irregular). 1981-

Free Music Magazine. Toronto. Ten times a year. 1983-4 //

Fringe Benefits. London. Quarterly. 1990- (rock music)

Fugue. Toronto. Monthly. 1976-80 //


Gathering Notes. United Church of Canada Musicians Association. Toronto. Three time a year. 1989-

Gospel Music Today(originally The Latest Word; Release 1990-). Vancouver. Quarterly. 1986-

Graffiti. Toronto. Monthly. 1984-6 // (pop music)

Guild News. See Canadian Opera Guild News.

Guitar Canada. Guitar Society of Toronto. Quarterly. 1986-9 //

The Guitar Society of Toronto Bulletin (Guitar Toronto 1990- ). Nine times a year. 1978-

Gumbo. Montreal. Monthly. 1970 // (pop music; English language)

Halifax Conservatory of Music Journal. Monthly. 1937-8? //

Harmonie-Québec. Fédération des harmonies du Québec. Montreal. 10 times a year. 1978-

Hi-Fi Sound Magazine. Montreal. Four times a year. 1982-8. // Continued by Ultra High Fidelity Magazine

Histoire du Rock. Montreal. Weekly. Undated. [1975?-7?] //

HMV Magazine. HMV Record Stores. Toronto. Six times a year. 1990-

Hook, Line & Singer. Pacific Songwriters Association. Vancouver. Six times a year. 1988-

Hoot. Guild of Canadian Folk Artists. Toronto. Six times a year. 1963-7 //

Hot Wacks. Kitchener, Ont. Quarterly. 1979- 85//

The Hugh Le Caine Project Newsletter. Toronto. Quarterly. 1979-85 //

Ici Radio-Canada. Montreal. Weekly. 1966- (broadcast schedule, commentary). Supersedes La Semaine à Radio-Canada

InforMusic. St Laurent, Que. Quarterly. 1985-6 // (English and French editions)

Info-comptoir musical. Alliance chorale Alberta. Irregular. 1981-2 //

Informadisq. Association du disque et de l'industrie du spectacle québecoise. Montreal. Irregular. 1987-

In Tune. Yamaha Canada Music Ltd, Keyboard Division. Quarterly. 1977-9 //

In Tune: Words on Music. Department of Music, University of Alberta. Six times a year. 1990-

Jamboree Country Music. St Catharine's, Ont. Monthly. 1980-

Jamm (originally Jamm Niagara). St. Catharines. Monthly. 1985-6 //

Jam Session. Association de jazz de Montréal/Jazz Association of Montreal. Six times a year. 1990-

Jazz Happenings. Vancouver. Monthly. 1978?-9? //

Jazz Ottawa. Ottawa. Six times a year. 1976-

Jazz Panorama. Toronto. Fl ca 1947 //

Jazz Report. Toronto. Six times a year. 1987-

Jeunesse à l'écoute. Alliance des chorales du Québec. Montréal. Ten times a year. 1984-

Jeunesses musicales du Canada/Youth and Music Canada

- 1 French-language periodicals in chronological order:

Journal des Jeunesses musicales du Canada. Montreal. 1951-3

Le Journal musical canadien. Montreal. Approx six times a year. 1954-61

Jeunesses musicales. Montreal. Quarterly. 1962 (two issues only)

Journal des Jeunesses musicales du Canada. Montreal. Four to six times a year. 1962-71

J.M.C. Bulletin. Montreal. Six times a year. 1974-6

Communiqué. Montreal. Irregular. 1976-89

En sourdine. Montreal. Three times a year. 1989-.

- 2 English-language periodicals in chronological order:

Musical Youth Magazine. Montreal. Six times a year. 1955-7?

J.M.C. Musical Chronicle. Montreal. 1958-61

Jeunesses Musicales Chronicle. Montreal. Quarterly? 1962-71

J.M.C. Bulletin. Montreal. Six times a year. 1974-6

Communiqué. Montreal. Irregular. 1976-89

Quarter Notes. Youth and Music Canada. Toronto. Quarterly. 1981-

Behind the scenes. Montreal. Three times a year. 1989-

J.M.C. Bulletin. See Jeunesses musicales du Canada.

J.M.C. Chronicle. See Jeunesses musicales du Canada.

Journal. See under name of association.

Le Journal de CAMMAC. See CAMMAC Journal.

Le Journal de musique. Fl 1897

Journal de musique ancienne. Studio de musique ancienne de Montréal. Quarterly. 1987-9. Continued Le Tic-toc-choc

Journal des Jeunesses musicales du Canada. See Jeunesses musicales du Canada.

Le Journal musical. See Boucher & Pratte's Musical Journal.

Le Journal musical canadien. See Jeunesses musicales du Canada.

Jubilate Deo. Toronto. Six times a year. Fl 1957-9? // (church music and worship)


Keynote. Junior Symphony Society and Vancouver Academy of Music. Vancouver. Irregular. 1966?-83? //

Kodály Institute/Society of Canada. Notes. Ottawa. Quarterly; semi-annual. 1976-87? //

The Latest Word. Vancouver. 5 times a year. 1980?-5? // (gospel music)

Logos. University of Ottawa, Music Dept. Ottawa. Irregular. 1974 // (partly English, partly French language)

Live. Laval, Que. Fourteen times a year. 1980- (pop music)

Loisiers folklorique. Association des violoneux du Québec. Six times a year. 1983-8. Continued by Folk-lore

Le Lutrin: bulletin d'information de l'Orchestre symphonique de Québec. Five times a year. 1979-

La Lyre Ÿ. Montreal. Monthly. 1922-31. // Absorbed Le Carillon

Magazine club DJ. Association des disc-jockeys du Québec. Monthly. 1986? //

Magazine Rock. Laval, Que. Undated. [1972] // (French language)

Manitoba Choral Association. See MCA Voice

Manitoba Composers' Association Newsletter. Winnipeg. Quarterly. 1984-9? //

Manitoba Music Educator. Manitoba Music Educators Association. Winnipeg. Three, later four, a year. 1960-

Manitoba Music Educator Newsletter Manitoba Music Educators Association. Winnipeg. Annual. 1959-74; 1985-9 //

Manitoba Sings!Manitoba Choral Association. Winnipeg. 1990-

Marche et manoeuvres. Fédération des associations musicales du Québec. Montreal. Monthly. 1975-

Mariposa Notes. Mariposa Folk Foundation. Toronto. Quarterly. 1981-

Maritime Arts Review. Halifax Symphony Society. Halifax. 1955-6? //

Mask 'n' Melody. Saskatoon. Three times a year. 1986-8//

MCA Voice. Manitoba Choral Association. Winnipeg 1981-2; Newsletter 1982-9. //. Continued by Manitoba Sings!

MCDA News. Manitoba Choral Directors Association. Winnipeg. Three or four times a year. 1978-81 // Superseded by MCA Voice

M.E.A.T. Toronto. Monthly. 1990 - (heavy metal)

The Mendelssohn Chorister. Toronto Mendelssohn Choir. One to three issues a year. 1948-? //

The Mendelssohnian. Toronto Mendelssohn Choir. Irregular. 1937-9 //

Le Ménestrel Ÿ. Quebec. 1844-5 // (music, literature)

Milieu. SOCAN. Eight times a year as a separate magazine, quarterly as part of Compositeur canadien. Don Mills, Ont. 1990-. French. Supersedes in part The Canadian Composer/Le Compositeur canadien and La Scène musicale. See also Compositeur canadien.

Le Monde du Rock. Quebec City. Monthly.1980-7 //

Le Monde qui chante. Montreal. 1916-?

Le Montréal choral. Alliance régionale des chorales de l'île de Montréal. 1983-?

Le Montréal musical. See Montréal qui chante.

Montréal qui chante Ÿ. (1912-13 called Le Montréal musical). Montreal. Varies from weekly to monthly. 1908-20? //

Montreal Vintage Music Society. See MVMS Bulletin.

The Mouthpiece. Canadian National Institute for the Blind. Toronto. Quarterly. 1970-5 //

The Muse. Toronto. Monthly. 1949-50 //

Music across Canada. Canadian Music Centre. Monthly. 1963 //

Musical Canada (until 1907 The Violin). Toronto; Waterloo, Ont. Monthly. 1906-33. // Ca 1924 absorbed The Canadian Bandsman and Orchestra Journal. In 1928 absorbed The Canadian College of Organists Bulletin

Musical culture Montréal. Six times a year. 1983-? //

Musical Galaxy. Toronto. 1875-? //

The Musical Journal. Toronto. Monthly. 1887-90? // Superseded by The Canadian Musical Herald

Musical Journal. See also Boucher & Pratte's Musical Journal.

Musical Life. Regina. Monthly. 1933-? //

Musical Life and Arts. Winnipeg. Bi-monthly. 1924-5 //

Musical News. Toronto. Monthly. 1979 // (two issues only)

Musical Review of Canada. Lachute, Que. Monthly. 1933-4 //

The Musical Visitor. Duart, Ont. Fl 1881 //

Musical Youth Magazine. See Jeunesses musicales du Canada.

MusiCanada. Montreal. Six times a year. 1922-3 // (French language)

Musicanada (I). Canadian Music Centre. Toronto. Approx eight times a year. 1967-70 //

Musicanada (II). Canadian Music Council. Ottawa. Quarterly. 1976-89 // (continues numbering of Musicanada I)

Music at UBC; the School of Music Alumni Division newsletter. Vancouver. Annual. 1987-

Music Bulletin from the Oxford University Press. Toronto. Irregular. 1941-2 //

Music Canada. Toronto. Monthly. 1970-1 // (pop music)

Music Canada Quarterly. Malton, Ont. Quarterly. 1972-6. // Supseded by Record Month (pop music)

Le Music express(I). Montreal. Weekly. 1972 // (pop music)

Music Express (II) (originally Alberta Music Express; Rock Express, 1986-8; ME: Music Express Magazine,1990- ). Calgary; Vancouver; Willowdale, Ont. Monthly. 1976- (pop music)

Music for Children - Carl Orff Canada - Musique pour enfants. Bulletin. Toronto. Irregular. 1975-82 //. Continued by Ostinato

Music Hall Éclair (originally Music Hall Digeste). Montreal. Monthly. 1964-5 // (French language)

The Musician. See The Canadian Musician (I).

Le Musicien amateur. See The Amateur Musician/Le Musicien amateur.

Musicien éducateur du Québec. Fédération des Associations des Musiciens éducateurs du Québec. Ste-Foy, Que. 1968-74 //

Le Musicien québécois. Charny, Que. Six times a year. 1974-5 //

Musicien québécois. Sillery, Que. Six times a year. 1989-

Music in Alberta. Alberta Music Conference. Calgary. Quarterly. 1972-4 //

Music in London. London, Ont. 1967-8?; 1987//

Music Journal. See British Columbia Registered Music Teachers' Association.

MusickVancouver Society for Early Music. Quarterly. 1979-

Music Magazine. Toronto. Six times a year. 1978-. Absorbed RCM Bulletin 1987-91

Music Market Canada. Toronto. Monthly. 1977-

Music McGill. McGill University. Faculty of Music. Bi-annual. 1976-

Music News. Canadian Federation of Music Teachers' Associations. Thunder Bay. 1990-. Continues CFMTA Newsletter

Musicology and Ethnomusicology at York. Downsview, Ont. Annual. 1985-

Musicom (originally CBDA Newsletter). Canadian Band Director's Association, Alberta Chapter. Edmonton. Irregular. 1974-

Music Research News. Canadian Music Research Council. Victoria; London, Ont. Bi-annual. 1976-83 //

The Music Scene. Toronto. BMI Canada, later PRO Canada. Six times a year. 1967-90. //. For French edition see La Scène musicale. Superseded in part by Canadian Composer and Probe

Music Thunder Bay. Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra. 1971?-? //

Musicworks. Toronto. Quarterly. 1978- (new and avant-garde music)

Music World. Toronto. Bi-monthly. 1957-8 //

La Musique. Laval University. 1923-4. Quebec. Monthly. 1919-24 //

Musique d'Église. ?-1927 //

Musique et musiciens. Saint-Hyacinthe, Que. Monthly. 1952-4 //

Musique liturgique. Mont Laurier, Que. Irregular. Ca 1965-9? //

La Musique périodique. Beaconsfield, Que. Irregular. 1976-7 // (five issues only)

MVMS Bulletin. Montreal Vintage Music Society. Monthly. 1969-


National Shevchenko Musical Ensemble Guild of Canada. Bulletin. Toronto. Two to four times a year. 1972-

Network.,Toronto. Quarterly 1987- (pop music)

The New Brunswick Minstrel Ÿ. Saint John, NB. Monthly. 1864-? //

The New Brunswick Registered Music Teachers' Association Newsletter. Sackville, NB. Irregular. 1965-

The New-Music (I) Ÿ. Toronto. Monthly. Fl 1916 //

The New Music (II). Toronto. Monthly. 1978-9 // (pop music)

News Beat. Sabian cymbal's international newsletter. Meductic, NB. Bi-annual. 1988-

News From the Canadian Musical Heritage Society/Nouvelles de la Société pour la patrimoine musical canadien. Ottawa. Bi-annual. 1990-

News from the Faculty of Music. See University of Toronto.

The News Harp. Ottawa-Hull District Federation of Musicians. 1983-

Newsletter. See under name of organization.

Le Nigog. Montreal. Monthly. 1918 // (music, literature, art)

Northern Metal. Canadian Heavy Metal Association. Edmonton. Six times a year. 1983-6 //

Notations. Canadian Music Centre, Ontario Region. Toronto. Quarterly. 1989-. Supersedes Centre Notes

Notations. Vancouver. Six times a year. 1988-

Notes. Canadian Association of Youth Orchestras. Banff. Irregular. 1985-

Notes. Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association. Quarterly. Ca 1969-

Notes. See also Kodály Institute of Canada.

Nova Scotia Choral Federation See NSCF News

Nova Scotia Music Educators' Association Newsletter. Truro, NS. Quarterly. Fl 1975-6. //. Superseded by NSMEA Notes

NSCF News. Nova Scotia Choral Federation. Armdale, NS. Bimonthly (irregular). 1976-81. //. Continued by Chorus

NSMEA Notes. Nova Scotia Music Educators' Association. Armdale, NS. Quarterly. 1981-

Observer. Toronto. Weekly. 1891-? // (music, drama)

OCSM Newsletter. Organization of Canadian Symphony Musicians. Regina; Toronto. Quarterly. 1976-

Ontario Choral Federation. Newsletter. Toronto. Six times a year. 1970-1982. Continued by Choirs Ontario

Ontario Federation of Symphony Orchestras Newsletter. Toronto. Irregular. 1969-72. // Superseded by The Orchestra Letter/ Le Bulletin orchestral

Ontario Journal of Music and Dramatic and Literary Review. Hamilton, Ont. Monthly. 1889-? // (one issue located)

Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association. Notes. See Notes.

Opera Canada (Opera in Canada 1960-3). Toronto. Quarterly. 1960-

Opera Update. Friends of the Canadian Opera Company. Toronto. Quarterly. 1989-

Opus. University of Western Ontario. Faculty of Music. Irregular. 1964-80 //

Opus (originally Opus XIV). Music Council of the Newfoundland Teachers' Association. Manuels, Nfld; St John's, Nfld. Irregular. 1979-

Orchestra Canada/Orchestres Canada. Ontario Federation of Symphony Orchestras and Association of Canadian Orchestras. Toronto. Ten times a year. 1973-. Supersedes The Orchestra Letter/Le Bulletin orchestral

The Orchestra Letter/Le Bulletin orchestral. Ontario Federation of Symphony Orchestras and Association of Canadian Orchestras. Toronto. Irregular. 1972-3. // Superseded by Orchestra Canada/Orchestres Canada

Organization of Canadian Symphony Musicians See OCSM Newsletter

Ostinato Music for children, Carl Orff Canada/Musique pour enfants, Carl Orff Canada. Three times a year. 1982-. Continues Music for children, Carl Orff Canada/Musique pour enfants, Carl Orff Canada Bulletin

Ottawa Guitar Quarterly. Ottawa Guitar Society. 1970-4 //

Overtures. Canadian Opera Company. Toronto. Three to four times a year. 1975-83. //. Superseded by Canadian Opera Company News


Pacific Harbor Light. See Victoria Home Journal.

Par si par là. Alliance chorale Alberta. Edmonton. Three times a year. 1980-5//

Le Passe-Temps Ÿ. Montreal. Bi-monthly, later monthly. 1895-1935, 1945-9 //

Passing Tones. Winnipeg Jazz Society. Monthly. 1973-88? //

Percussive Arts Society (Canada), Ontario Chapter. Newsletter. London. Bi-annual. 1982-

Performing Arts in Canada. Toronto. Quarterly. 1961-

Periodica Musica. Newsletter of the Répertoire international de la presse musicale du XIXe siècle. Vancouver. Annual. 1983-

Le Petit chanteur (originally Pueri Cantores Québec). Fédération des Pueri cantores du Québec. Trois-Rivières, Que. Three times a year. 1984-

Philharmonic Bulletin. Montreal Philharmonic Society. Fl 1896 //

Phonograph Journal of Canada (later Phonograph Journal and Radio Trades). Toronto. 1919-26. // Absorbed by Canadian Music Trades Journal (no copies located)

Piano-Canada Ÿ. Montreal. Monthly. 1893-5. // Continued as Le Canada artistique

Playboard. Vancouver. Monthly. 1966-

Pop. Toronto. Fl 1972

Pop-Eye. Montreal. 1970-? // (French language)

Pop jeunesse. Laval, Que. Weekly. 1972-? //

Poppin. Vancouver. Monthly. 1969-70 //

Pourquoi chanter? Montreal. 1976-8 //

Prairie Sounds(formerly Canadian Music Centre Newsletter). Calgary. Irregular. 1980-

Prenons notre musique en main! Syndicat de la Musique du Québec. Montreal. Irregular. 1979-80 //

Probas. International Institute for the String Bass. Halifax. 1972-? // Continues Bass Sound Post

Probe. SOCAN. Don Mills, Ont. Monthly, issued separately eight times a year, quarterly with Canadian Composer. 1990.-. English. Supersedes in part The Canadian Composer/Le Compositeur canadien and Music Scene. See also Canadian Composer

'Prom' Magazine. Toronto. Monthly. Fl 1946 // (pop music)

Pueri Cantiones Québec. See Le Petit Chanteur

Québec Rock. Montreal. Monthly. 1977-86 //

Qui? Montreal. Quarterly. 1949-54. // First issue also in English as Who?

Qui fait quoi. Montréal. Monthly, with an annual in English and in French. 1984 -

La Quinzaine musicale et artistique Ÿ. Conservatoire national de musique et Schola cantorum. Montreal. Bi-weekly. 1930-2? //

Quires. Alberta Choral Federation. Edmonton. Five times a year. 1983-. Continues Alberta Choral Federation Newsletter

The Rackett. Vancouver. Quarterly. 1978-9 // (early music)

Radio acitivité. Montréal. Weekly. 1982- (pop music)

The Ragtimer. Weston, Ont. Six times a year. 1967-.86? // Preceded by The Ragtime Society Newsletter. 5 volumes

Rainbow. Toronto. Bi-weekly. 1972-3 // (pop music)

The Rana Review. Vancouver. Quarterly. 1987- (country music)

RCCO Newsletter and RCCO Quarterly. See Royal Canadian College of Organists.

RCM Bulletin. Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto. Five times a year. 1986-7 //. Continues ConNotes. Superseded by Music Magazine.

RCM Newsletter (orginally RCM News). Toronto. Bi-annual. 1987-

Recherche en éducation musicale au Québec. École de musique, Laval University. Irregular. 1989-. Continues Cahiers d'information sur la recherche en éducation musicale

The RecordToronto. Weekly. 1981- (pop music)

The RecorderOntario Music Educators' Association. Toronto. Quarterly. 1958-

The Record ExchangeToronto. Monthly. 1948?-? //

Record MonthToronto. Monthly. 1976-7? // Superseded Music Canada Quarterly

Record NewsToronto. Monthly. 1956-61? //

Record Week. Mississauga, Ont. Weekly. 1975-7? //

Red Shoes. Burlington, Ont. Monthly. 1980 // (pop music)

Reggae Quarterly. Toronto. 1982-7? //

Le Rêve du pianiste. Montreal. Fl ca 1896-1907 //

La Revue Saint-Grégoire. Société des Musiciens d'église de la province de Québec. Quebec City. Irregular. 1949-63 //

Rhythm. Saskatoon. Six times a year. 1982-3 //

Rock Express. See Music Express

Rocky Mountain (Folk Club) Recorder. Calgary. Quarterly. 1981-3 //

Royal Canadian College of Organists. Newsletter. Toronto. Three times a year. 1985-. Superseded Stretto. (1978-82) and College Newsletter (1983-4)

Royal Canadian College of Organists. RCCO Newsletter. Toronto. Monthly. 1963-73. // Superseded by RCCO Quarterly

Royal Canadian College of Organists. RCCO Quarterly. Toronto; Kitchener, Ont; Halifax. 1973-8. // Superseded by Yearbook (to 1982) and Digest 1978-

Royal Canadian College of Organists, Ottawa Centre. Newsletter. Bi-annual. 197?-

Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto Monthly Bulletin. Toronto. Four to eight issues a year. 1948-64. // Continued by The Bulletin. Four to eight issues a year, irregular after 1970. 1964- 74 //

Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto See also ConNotes, Conservatory, RCM Bulletin, Music Magazine, and Toronto Conservatory of Music

RPM. Toronto. Weekly. 1964- (pop music)


Saint John Folk Club Rag. Six times a year. 1977-82? //

Saskatchewan Choral Federation. Newsletter (later Bulletin). Regina. Quarterly, later 6 times a year. 1978-

Saskatchewan Music Educators' Association Bulletin (later Journal). Saskatoon. Bi-annual? Ca 1957-72 // Superseded by Cadenza

Saskatchewan Music Educators' Association Newsletter. Regina. Quarterly. Ca 1965-76? // Continued by Cadenza

La Scène musicale. Toronto. BMI Canada, later PRO Canada. Six times a year. 1967-90. For English edition see The Music Scene. Superseded by Le Compositeur canadien and Milieu

La Semaine à Radio-Canada. Montreal. Weekly. 1950-66. // Superseded by Ici Radio-Canada (broadcast schedule, commentary)

Sforzando. Faculty of Music U de Montréal. 1990-

Shades. Toronto. Monthly. 1979-85? // (pop music)

Sharps & Flats. Manitoba Registered Music Teachers' Association. Winnipeg. Quarterly. 1960-70 //

Singalong. Vancouver. 1957-8 //

Sing and String. Toronto. Quarterly. 1959-65 //

Sir Ernest MacMillan Fine Arts Club Newsletter. Vancouver. Ca 1951-? //

Sonances. Ste-Foy, Que. Three times a year. 1981-

Son Hi-fi Magazine. Montreal. Monthly. 1979-84. //. Continued by Son hi-fi vidéo

Son hi-fi vidéo. Montréal. Six times a year. 1984-

Sono: Sonorisation au Canada. Montreal. Semi-annual. 1973-8 //

Soul. Toronto. Monthly. 1965-7? // (pop music)

Sound & Vision. Toronto. Monthly. 1985-

Sound Canada (originally Sound). Toronto. Monthly. 1970-84. // Superseded by Sound & Vision (audio and equipment)

SoundNotes. Toronto. Bi-annual. 1991-

The Steede Report to the Music Industry. Montreal. Bi-monthly. 1975-9 //

Stereo Guide (originally Canadian Stereo Guide). Toronto. Five times a year. 1972-86. //. Continued by Stereo Video Guide

Stereo Video Guide. Brampton, Ont. Bi-monthly. 1986-. Continued Stereo Guide

Streetsound. Toronto. Monthly. 1986- (pop music)

Studies in Music from the University of Western Ontario. London, Ont. Annual. 1976-

The Studio Bulletin (originally The Alumni Bulletin). Lyell Gustin Piano Studios. Saskatoon. Annual with gaps. 1941-

Symphony News. Edmonton Symphony Society. Quarterly. 1965?-? //

Tam Ti Delam. La Société des Festivals populaires du Québec. Montreal. Monthly, then quarterly. 1976-87. Continued by Fêtes & festivals

TempoI. Toronto. Bi-monthly. 1979- (pop music)

Tempo II. Vancouver Opera. Quarterly. 1985-. Continues Vancouver Opera Journal

Le Tic-Toc-Choc. Journal du Studio de musique ancienne de Montréal. Three, then four times a year. 1979-87. // Continued by Journal de musique ancienne

La Tonique. Association des élèves du Conservatoire de musique de la province de Québec. Montreal. Fl 1960

Toronto Blues Society Newsletter. Toronto. Monthly. 1985-

Toronto Conservatory of Music Alumni Gazette. Annual? 1916-18 //

Toronto Conservatory of Music Monthly Bulletin (later Toronto Conservatory of Music Bulletin). 1935-47 //

The Toronto Early Music Directory. See Early Music Directory.

Toronto FM Guide. See The FM Guide.

Toronto Music Guide. Monthly. 1971 //

Toronto Symphony News (originally T.S.O. News, later variously titled: Toronto Symphony; Toronto Symphony Programme Magazine). Toronto. Irregular; quarterly after 1987. 1945-86; no issues 1986-7; 1987 -

Touring Office of the Canada Council/L'Office des tournées du Conseil des Arts du Canada. Bulletin. Ottawa. 3 issues a year. 1975-

Trans FM. Radio Carleton. Ottawa. Monthly. 1979-

Tripper. Canada's musical exchange trip magazine. Scarborough, Ont. Semi-annual. 1979-

The/Le TroubadourI. Canadian Folk Arts Council/Conseil canadien des arts populaires. Toronto; Montreal. Quarterly. 1965-6, 1971, 1976-

The TroubadourII. New Brunswick Choral Federation. Fredericton. 1979?-

Turlutterie: la musique contemporaine. Alliance des chorales du Québec. Montreal. Quarterly. 1980-


Ukrainian Muzyka. Montreal. Quarterly. 1983-4 // (in English)

Ultra High Fidelity Magazine. Longueuil, Que. Six times a year. 1989-. Continues Hi-fi Sound.

The Underground. Old Time Country Music Club of Canada. Montreal. Irregular. 1967-9, 1971-

University of Toronto, Faculty of Music. Notes Newsletter (originally Newsletter; then News from the Faculty of Music, 1974-82; then News 1983-5). 1988 -

Upbeat. Vancouver Musicians' Union, local 145. Monthly. 1959-?

Vancouver Canadian Music Centre Newsletter. See Canadian Music Centre.

Vancouver New Music Extra. Vancouver New Music Society. Quarterly. 1988-

Vancouver Opera Association. VOA News. Quarterly. 1967-9 //

Vancouver Opera Journal. Vancouver Opera Association. Quarterly. 1977-83. // Continued by Tempo

V S O. Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. (variously titled Vancouver Symphony, 1983-7; Vancouver Symphony Magazine, 1987- ). Quarterly. 1977-

Variations. Orchestre symphonique de Montréal/Montreal Symphony Orchestra. Seven times a year. 1977-80 //

Vibrations. Montreal. 10 times a year. 1978-9 //

Victoria Home Journal (first two issues called Pacific Harbor Light). Victoria. Monthly. 1891-5 // (music, society, drama, etc)

Vie musicale. Ministère des Affaires culturelles du Québec. Quebec City. Quarterly. 1965-71 //

The Violin. See Musical Canada.

Violin Makers Journal. Violin Makers Association of British Columbia. Vancouver. Irregular. 1957-64 //

Vox.. University of Calgary Student Radio Station. Monthly. 1985-

Waterloo Convention Review. Canadian Bandmasters' Association. Waterloo, Ont. Annual. 1948-53 //

Waterloo Festival Review. Waterloo Band Festival. Waterloo, Ont. Annual. 1948-55 //

Westcoast Music. Vancouver. 10 times a year. 1980-1. // First titled Open Door

Western Music News. Western Music Co. Vancouver. Monthly, later irregular. 1934-55? //

What's In a Name? The Newsletter of New Art Music Editions. Winnipeg. Biennial. 1987-

What's News. The Academy of Country Music Entertainment.

Who? See under Qui?

The Winnipeg Folk Festival Newsletter. Six times a year. 1976-7? //

Winnipeg Town Topics. Weekly. 1898-1913 // (music, drama)

World of Country Music. See Canadian World of Country Music and Country Music News.

Write 'n' Sing Ÿ. Rosenort, Man. Quarterly. 1984- (gospel music)

Yamaha Education News. Yamaha Canada Music Ltd, National Education Division. Winnipeg. Two to three times a year. 1975-8. // Superseded by Educator's Profile

Yé-yé. Quebec City. Monthly. 1983-9 // (pop music)

Youth and Music Canada. See Jeunesse musicales du Canada - 2

Zounds. Mississauga, Ont. Monthly. 1975 // (pop music)

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