Federation of Medical Women of Canada

The Federation of Medical Women of Canada (FMWC) is a national organization that connects and supports Canadian women in the medical profession. Founded in 1924, the Federation has advocated on behalf of women physicians and women’s health. (See also History of Medicine to 1950; Women and Health.)

Though world famous, Abbott was never promoted beyond the rank of assistant professor at McGill, where she taught.


The Federation of Medical Women of Canada (FMWC) was established in 1924 by six women attending the annual meeting of the Canadian Medical Association. Founding members include Dr. Maude Abbott, Dr. Elizabeth Bagshaw and Dr. Jennie Smillie. Since its foundation, the Federation has been “committed to the professional, social and personal advancement of women physicians and to the promotion of the well-being of women both in the medical profession and in society at large.” (See also History of Medicine to 1950; Women and Health.)

The Federation is an independent member of the Medical Women’s International Association and has been affiliated with the Canadian Medical Association since 1964. The Federation’s national office is located in Ottawa, Ontario. Branches of the FMWC are dispersed throughout Canada.

Did you know?
A scholarship fund and research fund are named after Dr. Maude Abbott, one of the Federation’s founding members. The Maude Abbott Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance for medical students and the Maude Abbott Research Fund supports research in women’s health.

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  • Irwin Clarke and Federation of Medical Women of Canada, The Indomitable Lady Doctors (1974).

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