Women's Suffrage in the North

Northern Lights

May 20, 1919


Yukon Women Get Vote

Yukon women won the right to vote and seek elected office.

June 12, 1951

Northwest Territories 

Northwest Territories Women Get Vote

Women in the Northwest Territories won the right to vote and stand for office.

September 11, 1967


First Woman Elected to the Yukon Territorial Council

Jean Gordon became the first woman elected to the Yukon Territorial Council.

December 21, 1970

Northwest Territories 

First Woman Elected to the Northwest Territories Council

Lena Pedersen became the first woman elected to the Northwest Territories Council.

January 20, 1979

Northwest Territories 

First Female Territorial Commissioner

Ione Christensen became the first female territorial commissioner (Yukon).

June 02, 1997


First Inuit MP Elected

Liberal Nancy Karetak-Lindell was elected the first Member of Parliament for the newly-created riding of Nunavut, and became the first Inuit woman elected to the House of Commons.

February 15, 1999


First Woman Elected to the Nunavut Legislative Assembly

Manitok Thompson became the first woman elected to the Nunavut Legislative Assembly.

April 17, 2000

Northwest Territories 

First Female Premier of the Yukon

Patricia (Pat) Duncan became the Yukon’s first female premier at the head of the territory’s first Liberal government.

November 14, 2008


Aariak Becomes First Female Premier of Nunavut

Eva Aariak, the MLA for Iqaluit East and Nunavut's former languages commissioner, defeated Paul Okalik to become Nunavut’s second premier and the territory’s first female premier. She was, however, the only woman in the legislature.