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Livio Di Matteo

Livio Di Matteo is a professor of economics at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and specializes in public policy, health economics, public finance and economic history. His work examines health-care spending and its sustainability and the historical evolution of wealth inequality. He co-edited Bending the Cost Curve in Health Care: Canada's Provinces in International Perspective (University of Toronto Press: 2014) and recently published work in Social Science History, Canadian Public Policy, The European Review of Economic History, The International Journal of Health Economics and Management, Health Policy and the Canadian Journal of Economics. Di Matteo is a member of the CIHI National Health Expenditure Advisory Panel, the Evidence Network, the Research Advisory Board of the Northern Policy Institute, Senior Fellow with the Fraser Institute and a contributor to the economics blog, Worthwhile Canadian Initiative. He has been listed in Canadian Who’s Who since 1995 and holds a PhD from McMaster University, an MA from the University of Western Ontario, and a BA from Lakehead University.

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