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Ronald Foss

A native of Montreal, Ron joined Royal Trust in 1974, where he held numerous executive positions.

In 1999 Ron completed the International Masters in Practicing Management program at McGill University. With these career and education experiences he went on to develop an executive coaching practice, with an emphasis on emotional intelligence.

Ron retired in 2015 with an interest in automobile restoration. In 2018 he established Fossmobile Ent, as a means to pay tribute to his grandfather’s invention; the Fossmobile. His mission, is to share his knowledge and history, including the building of an exact replica, handling it with creativity and authenticity. In 2022, a replica of the Fossmobile was donated and inducted in the Canadian Automotive Museum. That same year, Ron was awarded a Special Recognition Award from the National Association of Automobile Clubs of Canada for the creation of the replica vehicle.

He lives in Burlington, Ontario.

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