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Composition. See the following:

Anthems, motets, and psalms

Art song

Ballets and dance theatre




Choral composition

Chamber music composition


Composition, instrumental solos and duos

Composition, topical

Composition competitions

Composition for ensemble teaching

Composition techniques, contemporary

Concertos and concertante music


Easter, Lent, the Passion

Electroacoustic music

Film scores

Folk-music-inspired composition



Harpsichord composition

Incidental music


Literature set to music



Musical theatre

Opera composition

Oratorio composition

Orchestral composition

Organ composition


Te Deum laudamus


See also Association of Canadian Women Composers; Canadian League of Composers; Canadian Music Centre; Copyright; John Adaskin Project; Lande Collections; National Library of Canada

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See also Musicology, section 2, for theses on Canadian compositions









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