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Onion Lake Cree Nation

Onion Lake Cree Nation is located 50 km north of Lloydminster, Saskatchewan. The members live on 57,737.5 hectares of land straddling the Saskatchewan-Alberta border. It is one of the only reserves that has land in two separate provinces. As of February 2022, the registered population of Onion Lake Cree Nation was 6,718 with the majority of members living on-reserve (4,064).

The Plains Cree Nation’s Chief Seekaskootch signed Treaty 6 at Fort Pitt in 1876. The nation was assumed to have participated in the Frog Lake massacre in 1885 and were subsequently considered “rebel Indians.” It was not until 1914 that the federal government once again recognized a chief of the nation and forced Frog Lake and Onion Lake to become one band.