Bert Niosi

Bert (Bartolo) Niosi, bandleader (b at London, Ont 10 Feb 1909; d at Mississauga, Ont 3 Aug 1987). He was known as "Canada's King of Swing" during his band's long association (1933-50) with the Palais Royale dance hall in Toronto; the orchestra broadcast regularly on CBC radio and in 1945 and 1946 toured Canada. He was a member of CBC radio's "Happy Gang" (1952-59) and served as musical director (conductor, arranger) for several CBC-TV series, including "The Tommy Hunter Show" (1965-76). Niosi was most notably a clarinetist and alto saxophonist, but he also played trumpet and trombone with his dance band. Two brothers were also dance band and studio musicians: Joe (1906-77), a bassist, and Johnnie (1914-65), a drummer.