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Sir Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake, one of history's great seamen and adventurers (b near Tavistock, Eng 1540?; d off Panama 28 Jan 1596). He likely sighted VANCOUVER ISLAND on his voyage around the world (1577-80).


Paul Morin

Paul Morin, lawyer, poet and translator (b at Montréal 6 Apr 1889; d at Beloeil, Qué Sept 1963). Admitted to the Québec Bar in 1910, Morin decided to study COMPARATIVE LITERATURE at the Sorbonne, Paris. His doctoral thesis on Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was published in 1913.


Wallin Fired

But the Kremlin-like intrigue extended well beyond portraits. Viewer feedback, previously available to some newsroom employees via computer, dried up early last week for what a CBC spokesman called "legal reasons.


Lynn Coady

Lynn Coady, writer, editor, playwright, journalist (born 24 January 1970 in Port Hawkesbury, Cape Breton, NS). An acclaimed novelist and short story writer, Lynn Coady is an acute, often hilarious observer of the absurdities and indignities of everyday life in small town Canada.


Annamaria Popescu

Annamaria (b Maria Caliopi) Popescu. Mezzo-soprano, b Montreal 24 Feb 1961; diploma (Academy of Vocal Arts, Philadelphia) 1987. Annamaria Popescu grew up in a Romanian Canadian family in Montreal, singing in the Orthodox church at which her father was the priest.


Walter Edward Foster

Walter Edward Foster, businessman, politician, premier of New Brunswick 1917-23 (b at St Martins, NB 9 Apr 1873; d at Saint John 14 Nov 1947). Chosen Liberal Opposition leader in 1916 and premier following the Liberal victory in 1917 he sat for Victoria in 1917 and Saint John City in 1920.


Nicolas Denys

Nicolas Denys, trader, colonial promoter (b at Tours, France 1598; d 1688). A young La Rochelle merchant, Denys sailed for Acadia in 1632 with Isaac de RAZILLY, and spent the next 40 years trying to develop the colony.


Francis Dickens

Francis Jeffrey Dickens, North-West Mounted Police inspector (b at London, Eng 15 Jan 1844; d at Moline, Ill 11 June 1886), third son of Charles Dickens. In 1864, after numerous unsuccessful career starts, Dickens joined the Bengal Mounted Police in India.


Douglas Harvey

Douglas Harvey, hockey player (born 19 December 1924 in Montreal, QC; died 26 December 1989 in Montreal). Harvey was the greatest defenceman of his era, controlling the tempo of the game with pinpoint passing, subtle playmaking and dramatic rushes.


Flora MacDonald Denison

Flora MacDonald Denison, née Merrill, feminist, journalist, businesswoman (b in N Hastings County, Ont 20? Feb 1867; d at Toronto 23 May 1921). Denison, who combined running a successful Toronto dressmaking business with a writing career, was active in the suffrage movement in Toronto from 1906.


Merrill Denison

Merrill Denison, playwright, journalist, writer, historian (b at Detroit, Mich 23 June 1893; d at San Diego, Calif 13 June 1975). English Canada's first important 20th-century playwright, he emerged from the Canadian Little Theatre movement in the 1920s.


John Davis

John Davis (also spelled Davys), explorer, navigator (born ca. 1550 near Dartmouth, England; died 27 December 1605 off Bintan Island, near Singapore).


George Mercer Dawson

In 1875 he joined the GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF CANADA. His survey of BC strongly influenced government decisions on the proposed route of the CANADIAN PACIFIC RY. A charter ROYAL SOCIETY OF CANADA member (1882), Dawson by 1883 was assistant director of the GSC.


Robert MacGregor Dawson

Robert MacGregor Dawson, political scientist (b at Bridgewater, NS 1 Mar 1895; d there 16 July 1958). He was a graduate of Dalhousie, Harvard and London School of Economics, and taught at Dalhousie, Rutgers and University of Saskatchewan before going to University of Toronto in 1937.


Henry Franklin Bronson

Henry Franklin Bronson, lumber manufacturer (b at Moreau Twp, Saratoga County, NY 24 Feb 1817; d at Ottawa 7 Dec 1889). In 1852 Bronson and his partner John Harris moved to Bytown [Ottawa] to exploit the timber reserves of the Ottawa Valley, bringing his family the following year.