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Roch Carrier

Roch Carrier

Roch Carrier, poet, writer of fiction and drama, essayist, former National Librarian of Canada (born at the Beauce, Qué 13 May 1937). After publishing 2 collections of poetry, Les Jeux incompris (1956) and Cherche tes mots, cherche tes pas (1958), Carrier offered critics Jolis deuils (1964), a group of bizarre stories that won him a province of Québec award, Les Concours littéraires du Québec (1965).


William Taylor (Primary Source)

"The Battle of the Atlantic was the longest naval battle in the history of the world, and we did our job"

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Paul Lup Chan (Primary Source)

Paul Lup Chan served during the Second World War.

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Terence Dickinson

Terence (Terry) Dickinson, CM, astronomer, writer, editor (born 10 November 1943 in Toronto, ON; died 1 February 2023 in Napanee, ON). Dickinson was recognized as one of the leading astronomy writers in North America. He was the editor, and later co-owner, of SkyNews and the author of several books of astronomy, including the commercially successful publication NightWatch: A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe (1983). Dickinson also regularly appeared and shared information about astronomy on CBC Radio’s Quirks & Quarks and the Canadian Discovery Channel.


Canada's Forgotten Baseball History

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The sport spread quickly across Canada. They played "bat" in Red River in the 1830s. In a game in Huntington, Québec in the 1830s, one Hazelton Moore threw a bean ball and ignited a brawl. Halifax and Saint John had teams as early as 1838.



​Aubrey Drake Graham, rapper, singer, songwriter, actor (born 24 October 1986 in Toronto, ON).


Sir John A. Macdonald

Sir John Alexander Macdonald, first prime minister of Canada (1867–73, 1878–91), lawyer, businessman, politician, (born 10 or 11 Jan 1815 in Glasgow, Scotland; died 6 June 1891 in Ottawa). John Alexander Macdonald was the dominant creative mind which produced the British North America Act and the union of provinces which became Canada. As the first prime minister of Canada, he oversaw the expansion of the Dominion from sea to sea. His government dominated politics for a half century and set policy goals for future generations of political leaders.


Pierre Gauvreau

In 1943 Gauvreau and others were invited to exhibit with the Contemporary Art Society, which fostered Québec's most adventurous art. Gauvreau remained associated with this circle, and became part of the group known as the AUTOMATISTES, who with others produced the 1948 manifesto REFUS GLOBAL.


Alexander Edgar Douglas

Alexander Edgar Douglas, physicist (b at Melfort, Sask 12 Apr 1916; d at Ottawa 26 July 1981). Educated at the University of Saskatchewan and Pennsylvania State University, he joined the National Research Council's physics division in 1941.


Marcel Dionne

Marcel Elphage Dionne, hockey player (b at Drummondville, Que 3 Aug 1951). After an eventful career as a junior at St Catharines in which he was twice the top scorer in the OHL, he was first choice of the Detroit Red Wings in the amateur draft of 1971.


Les Amateurs Typographes

Sometime in the late 1830s, members of the Union typographique de Québec founded a theatre company called Les Amateurs Typographes. Under the direction of Aimé-Nicolas dit Napoléon Aubin, the company remained in existence until 1876.


Jordi Bonet

Jordi Bonet, painter, muralist, sculptor (b at Barcelona, Spain 7 May 1932; d at Montréal 25 Dec 1979). Bonet met violence early in life as his native city suffered greatly during the Spanish Civil War.


David Harry Walker

David Harry Walker, army officer, novelist (b at Dundee, Scot 9 Feb 1911; d 5 March 1992). Raised in Scotland and England, Walker was aide-de-camp to Canadian Gov Gen John BUCHAN 1938-39, a POW in Europe 1940-45, and comptroller to the viceroy of India 1946-47.


George Browne

George Browne, architect (b at Belfast, Ire 5 Nov 1811; d at Montréal 19 Nov 1885). He created some of 19th-century Canada's finest buildings.


Jacques Bougie

Jacques Bougie, administrator (b at Montréal, 1947). Jacques Bougie graduated from the Université de Montréal in law, and from l'École des Hautes Etudes Commerciales in business administration. He began working for Alcan in 1979 as manager for the company's Beauharnois smelter.


Miles Macdonell

Miles Macdonell, soldier, governor of Assiniboia (born c 1767 in Inverness-shire, Scotland; died 28 June 1828 in Pointe-Fortune, Upper Canada).