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Alan Ehnes

Alan Ehnes. Trumpeter, teacher, b Valparaiso, Ind, 26 Sep 1946; B MUS (Northwestern) 1969, M MUS (Northwestern) 1973.

Ehnes, Alan

Alan Ehnes. Trumpeter, teacher, b Valparaiso, Ind, 26 Sep 1946; B MUS (Northwestern) 1969, M MUS (Northwestern) 1973. He studied trumpet with Vincent Cichowicz and Luther Didrickson at Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill, and also with James Ranti of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, Edward Treutel of the Juilliard School, Adolf Herseth of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and Roger Voisin of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. He was a member of the Chicago Civic Orchestra (1967-9 and 1973), the Ruth Page International Ballet Orchestra (1967-9) and L'harmonie du lakeshore, Montreal (1970-72). In the late 1960s and early 1970s he performed as an extra or substitute player with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Chicago Brass Quintet, and the Chicago Contemporary Chamber Players. He joined the faculty of Brandon University in 1973 and has performed as an extra player for the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

A member of the faculty of the International Music Camp from 1974, he also has adjudicated at festivals across western Canada. Several of his students have won national recognition as members of professional ensembles and in competitions.

As a researcher he has collaborated in three unpublished studies with psychologist James Walker under the auspices of the Brandon University Research Committee: 'EEG potentials of musicians and non-musicians during music cognition' (1977), 'An electromyographic comparison of professional and non-professional trumpet players during performance' (1978), and 'A pilot project utilizing self-administered EMG biofeedback in the development of trumpet technique' (1980).

The violinist James Ehnes is his son.