Cabena, Barrie

(Harold) Barrie Cabena. Organist, composer, b Melbourne, Australia, 12 Aug 1933, naturalized Canadian 1966; ARCM organ 1955, ARCM teacher's 1956, FRCO 1956, FTCL 1959, honorary FRCCO 1973. He studied 1954-7 at the RCM with Sir John Dykes Bower (organ), W.S. Lloyd Webber (theory), Herbert Howells (composition), and Eric Harrison (piano). As music director 1957-75 at First St Andrew's Church, London, Ont, he began a regular series of recitals and presentations of church opera culminating in 1969 in the festival (which became annual) called The Church and the Arts. He has done some private teaching, and his best-known pupil probably is Jan Overduin. In 1970 he joined the department of music at Wilfrid Laurier University to teach organ and church music. He was president 1967-9 of the RCCO. A practising concert organist, he has given recitals and broadcasts in Canada, the USA, Australia, Great Britain, and Germany. He gave a series of recitals in the Canadian pavilion at Expo 67. His secure technique and resourceful use of registration are particularly effective in the 19th- and 20th-century repertoires. His compositions for organ, cast in various tonal-modal schemes, are distinguished by clear design, lucid counterpoint, and incisive rhythm. Within the same stylistic idiom, but of varying degrees of difficulty suitable to the purpose of each piece, he has written anthems, masses, service music, carols, and hymns. His compositional work has been the subject of master's and doctoral theses in Canada, the USA, and Australia. In 1972 for services to French music, he received the silver medal of the Académie française. Cabena is a member of the CLComp and an associate of the Canadian Music Centre.

Selected Compositions

'Praise to the Lord,' Opus 7a. 1958. SATB, organ. Gray 1964

Mass in the Dorian Mode, Opus 20 (liturgical). 1965. SATB, organ. OUP 1967

'Introit for the New Year,' Opus 37 (Minnie Louise Hoskins). 1968. Ten (bass), SATB, organ. Jay 1971

'Psalm 150,' Opus 39. 1968. SATB (double 2-part choir), organ. Jay 1971

Twelve Benediction Amens, Opus 45 (liturgical). 1969. Various comb of voices. Jay 1971

'Let Your Light Shine Before Men,' Opus 63 (Bible). 1974. SATB, organ. Wat 1975

Three Motets, Opus 70 (Bible). 1976. SATB. GVT 1978

Mass of Thanksgiving, Opus 146 (liturgical). 1986. Double chorus, violin, organ. Jay 1990

'Rejoice, in the Lord alway,' Opus 155 (Bible). 1986. SATB, organ. Jay 1990

'The Spirit of the Lord,' Opus 184 (Bible). 1987. SATB, organ (brass). Jay 1990

'Hail, Universal Lord,' Opus 210 (Milton). 1990. SATB, organ. Jay 1991

Others published by Jay, GVT, Wat. Also 24 masses and many anthems, motets and solo songs in manuscript; some are settings of his own verse.


Sonata for Manuals Only, Opus 23. 1966. Jay 1971

Cabena's Homage 'Ten Portraits for Organ'. 1967. Wat 1967. (No. 1, 4 and 10) Opus 3 (D. Partick)

Sonata da Chiesa. 1968. Jay 1971. (3rd movement) RCI 481(McLean)

Sonata Festiva, Opus 42. 1968. Jay 1971

Sonata IX, Opus 51. 1971. Jay 1971. WLU 87001 (Overduin)

Variations for Organ Duet, Opus 55. 1973. Jay 1990. WLU 87001 (Overduin, Cabena)

Sonata Giojoso, Opus 84. 1978. Wat 1982. WLU 87001 (Overduin)

Prelude in the Lydian Mode, Opus 87. 1979. ('Sursum Corda') GVT 1980. Savvy S-1001 (Games)

Overduin's Ostinatos, Opus 119, No. 5. 198? WLU 87001 (Overduin)

Variants - In Memoriam John Cook, Opus 138. 198? WLU 87001 (Overduin)

Also 22 sonatas, 75 homage pieces, 30 chorale preludes and other hymn-based works

Also 2 piano sonatas, 5 harpsichord sonatas, and an opera for children, The Selfish Giant (ca 1970), Jay 1991

Catalogue of Cabena's church music, RCCO Q, 12, Jun 1976