Canadian Business

Canadian Business, a magazine established in 1927, is Canada's leading business monthly magazine. It was owned by the Montréal Chamber of Commerce and published in Montréal from its inception until 1978, when it was bought by Michael de Pencier, Alexander Ross and Roy MacLaren, and moved to Toronto. MacLaren was later a member of the Trudeau, Turner and Chrétien federal Cabinets.

Maclean Hunter acquired controlling interest in CB Media Ltd, the magazine's publisher, in 1990. MacLean Hunter in turn was acquired by ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS in 1994.

Canadian Business covers the gamut of business interests, but it is directed more to executives and small-business readers than to investors and is noted for its profiles of business leaders. The publisher is Paul Jones and the editor is Arthur Johnson. The magazine estimates an average number of 11.6 readers per issue, for a total of just over one million readers per issue.