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Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

Established in 1994, the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame (CMHF) is a national charitable organization. The mission of the CMHF is to “recognize and celebrate Canadian health leaders whose work has advanced health and inspires the pursuit of careers in the health sciences.” As of 2006, up to six individuals are inducted into the CMHF annually. Laureates are featured at the CMHF’s Exhibit Hall in London, Ontario, and online through the CMHF’s official website.

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The CMHF was cofounded in 1994 by physician Calvin R. Stiller and businessperson J. Allyn Taylor, both of whom were founding board members. The first induction ceremony was held on 27 May 1994. A physical hall to display the portraits of laureates opened to the public in 1996 in London, Ontario.

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The first inductees into the CMHF include Maude Abbott, Sir Frederick Banting, Charles Herbert Best, John Browne, James Bertram Collip, Douglas Harold Copp, Charles Drake, Jacques Genest, Sir William Osler and Wilder Penfield.

Selection Process

Individuals and organizations can submit nominations to the CMHF. Nominees include individuals who have demonstrated leadership, pioneered advances in medicine and health sciences and improved human health in Canada and internationally. The CMHF encourages nominations that reflect the diversity of Canada’s health practitioners and researchers. Nominees are reviewed by a selection committee composed of health and medical professionals.

As of 2006, up to six individuals can be inducted into the CMHF annually, but only one individual a year can be inducted posthumously. Laureates are inducted into the CMHF at an annual ceremony.

Exhibit Hall

CMHF laureates are featured at the Exhibit Hall in London, Ontario, and virtually through the official website of the CMHF. The Exhibit Hall in London includes a laureate portrait gallery, a theatre and three exhibits about Canadian medical science. The website of the CMHF includes in-depth biographies of laureates and their contributions to health sciences.

Programs and Activities

The CMHF is responsible for the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame Award for Medical Students. This annual cash prize is awarded to a medical student completing their second year of undergraduate study. Award recipients also receive a travel subsidy to attend the annual Canadian Medical Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

Educational programs and interactive workshops are also organized by the CMHF. These programs and hands-on activities inform elementary and secondary school students about Canada’s medical history and future career opportunities in medicine and health sciences.

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