Canadian Public Policy/Analyse de politique

Canadian Public Policy/Analyse de politique was established in 1974 by the Canadian Economics Association with the cooperation of the Canadian Political Science Association and scholarly associations in the areas of political science, sociology, anthropology, law, geography, public administration and others. A quarterly journal, it occasionally publishes a fifth issue devoted to some particular question of public policy. It is funded primarily by subscriptions, but also receives a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Its first home was at U of Guelph (where the business office is still located), but its editorial offices have been housed at UBC under editor Anthony Scott, at the U of Alberta under Kenneth Norrie and at Simon Fraser University under Nancy Olewiler. Canadian Public Policy/Analyse de politique is an interdisciplinary, academic journal devoted to stimulating research and discussion of public policy issues in Canada. It publishes articles in either official language which are deemed to be of a high intellectual standard but are written so as to be accessible to a wide readership.