Federated Women's Institutes of Canada

 The Federated Women's Institutes of Canada is the national organization that co-ordinates the activities of the provincial Women's Institutes. The first institute was founded in 1897 in Stoney Creek, Ont, by Adelaide HOODLESS, and by 1913 institutes were established in all the provinces. In 1919 provincial representatives met in Winnipeg to form the FWIC and a national office was established in Ottawa in 1958.

The motto "For Home and Country" reflects FWIC aims: to promote an appreciation of rural living, to develop informed citizens through the study of national and international issues (particularly those affecting women and children) and to initiate national programs to achieve common goals. Each provincial organization is represented on the board of directors, which meets annually; new executives are elected at triennial conventions. FWIC are constituent societies of the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW), the international organization of Women's Institutes and other organizations with common aims and objectives.

Reflecting the urbanization of Canadian society, FWIC membership has slowly declined; in 1999 there were 24 000 members, down from 43 000 in 1987.