Hall Beach, Nunavut, incorporated as a hamlet in 1978, population 546 (2011c), 654 (2006c). The Hamlet of Hall Beach is located on the east shore of the MELVILLE PENINSULA. The community is named after Captain C.F. Hall, a 19th-century American Arctic explorer. The traditional name of the community is Sanirajak, meaning "flat land" in Inuktituk.

The area of Hall Beach is particularly rich in walrus and whales, and there is evidence to suggest that the area has been occupied since at least the 13th century. The current community really arose in response to the opening of a DEW Line site at Hall Beach in 1955. Many Inuit moved into the community in search of employment, schools and other services. In recent years, tourism has become an important part of the local economy, particularly sportfishing for Arctic CHAR.