Verville, Jean-François Du Verger de

Jean-François Du Verger de Verville, military engineer (b at Paris, France c 1670-75; d at Valenciennes or Paris, France 1729). Verville designed the landward front of fortification of the fortress of LOUISBOURG, including the citadel barracks, as well as the Royal and Island batteries; he drew the first plan of the town. Born into a family of architects, Verville served 12 years as a military engineer in Europe prior to his secondment in 1716 to Ile Royale [Cape Breton I]. His plan for Louisbourg provided for 3 interdependent batteries and a bastioned front to defend the town against attack, respectively from the harbour and the swampy land to the W. After Verville's recall in 1725 his design, despite evident structural flaws, served as the basis for Étienne VERRIER's Louisbourg.