Klee Wyck, collection of literary sketches by Emily Carr (Toronto 1941). Klee Wyck - the Indian name given Carr, meaning "Laughing One" - is an evocative work that describes in arrestingly vivid detail the central influence on Carr of Northwest Coast Indian life.

Carr's clear, poetic prose summons up totems, abandoned villages, Indian character, broken-English dialogue and natural scenery without lapsing into nostalgic sentimentality, sociology or romance. Her writing inevitably invites comparison with her painting : Carr's gifts with words are of a different but not a lesser order; she achieves a remarkable purity of effect through her careful translation of images, perceived by a keenly sympathetic eye, into translucent language. Klee Wyck won a Governor General's Award for nonfiction (1941) and has been translated into French (Montréal, 1973).