Marjo, née Marjoléne Morin, singer, songwriter (b at Montréal, 2 Aug 1953). Best described as "une rockeuse," smokey-voiced Marjo is the most powerful woman in Québec rock. After brief stints as a secretary, model and actress, Marjo landed a small role in a musical revue and realized her calling.

From 1979 to 1984, she fronted the rock band Corbeau, whose biggest hit was the street anthem "Illégal." Besides her extraordinary voice, Marjo was known for her leopard-print spandex and electrified blonde hair. When Corbeau disbanded, the singer continued working with guitarist Jean Millaire, her longtime collaborator on stage and off.

Her debut solo album, Celle qui va (1988), spawned such hits as "Les chat sauvages" and "Doux." Other albums followed: Tant qu'il y aura des enfants (1990), Bohémienne (1995) and Bootleg Blues (1998). Over the years, Marjo has earned a well-deserved reputation as a memorable performer.