Uniacke, Richard John

 Uniacke, Richard John, lawyer, politician (b at Castletown, Ire 22 Nov 1753; d at Mount Uniacke, NS 11 Oct 1830). After a turbulent early career in the Cumberland district of NS as a trader and a sympathizer with the American rebels, he returned to Ireland where he was admitted as an attorney. In 1781 he was named solicitor general of NS. By 1800 his was the province's largest legal practice; combined with his appointment (1784) as advocate general of the Vice-Admiralty Court, it secured his personal fortune. He also sat in the legislature (1783-93, 1798-1805) and served as Speaker (1789-93, 1799-1805). Named attorney general in 1797 he was appointed to the COUNCIL OF TWELVE in 1808, but his great ambition, the office of chief justice, eluded him. His forceful, conservative influence on contemporary politics, education and religion undoubtedly prolonged social dissension in NS, but his vision of colonial union and commercial independence for BNA marked him as a man ahead of his time.