Sir Joseph-David-Rodolphe Forget

Sir Joseph-David-Rodolphe Forget, stockbroker, politician (b at Terrebonne, Canada E 10 Dec 1861; d at Montréal 19 Feb 1919). As a partner in the brokerage firm of his uncle, Louis-Joseph FORGET, Rodolphe Forget became actively involved in the affairs of the Montreal Street Railway Co (later Montreal Tramways), and the Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Co, the Montreal Light, Heat and Power Co, Canada Cement and other companies. After the partnership with his uncle was dissolved (1907), he devoted himself to reorganizing the transportation and utility companies in Québec City, and to controversial attempts to sell the securities of the Quebec Railway, Light and Power Co in France. Although this company was modelled on Montreal Light, Heat and Power, it was far less successful and Forget had to call on government assistance during WWI. He was chairman of the Montreal Stock Exchange from 1908-11, a Conservative MP from 1904-17 and was created a knight bachelor in 1912.