Erika Dyck

Erika Dyck is a professor in the Department of History at the University of Saskatchewan. Her work focuses on 20th century medical history, especially history of psychedelics, psychiatry, eugenics and population control. Her books include Psychedelic Psychiatry: LSD from Clinic to Campus (2008); Facing Eugenics: Reproduction, Sterilization, and the Politics of Choice (2013); and Managing Madness: Weyburn Mental Hospital and the Transformation of Psychiatric Care in Canada (2017). She is editor of A Culture’s Catalyst: Historical Encounters with Peyote and the Native American Church in Canada (2016) and co-editor of Psychedelic Prophets: The Letters of Aldous Huxley and Humphry Osmond (2018). Dyck is the co-editor of the Canadian Bulletin for Medical History/Bulletin canadien d’histoire de la médecine  and a member of Canada’s Royal Society, College for New Scholars and Artists.

Article by Erika Dyck

Psychedelic Research in 1950s Saskatchewan