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Ken Norman

Ken Norman is Emeritus Professor of Law at University of Saskatchewan and sometime first Chief Commissioner of the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission. Recent publications include “Grounding the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Conversation”, in Karen Busby, Adam Muller & Andrew Woolford, eds., The Idea of a Human Rights Museum (Winnipeg: University of Manitoba, 2014); “Saskatchewan’s One Bright Shining Moment, At Least It Seemed So at the Time”, in Shelagh Day, Lucie Lamarche & Ken Norman, eds., 14 Arguments in Favour of Human Rights Institutions (Toronto: Irwin Law, 2014); “Free Speech: 'The Right to Be Stupid' v. 'Words Matter'”, JURIST - Forum, March 19, 2013; “Promoting and Protecting Human Rights: Snakes and Ladders”, Association for Canadian Studies (ACS), Canadian Issues, “The Constitution. The Charter: Federalism and Identities”, 55 (Spring 2013); Mary Eberts, Alex Neve & Ken Norman, “The Wrong Moves For Saskatchewan Human Rights”, The Human Rights Digest (June 2012).

Article by Ken Norman