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John Ostell

Ostell's architectural training remains unclear, but soon after he arrived in Montréal in 1834 he received his "brevet de cléricature," having apprenticed to André Trudeau, arpenteur, in order to learn land surveying in Québec (which was different from the British practice).


Léo-Ernest Ouimet

Léo-Ernest Ouimet, director, producer, distributor, exhibitor (b at St-Martin, Qué 16 Mar 1877; d at Montréal 2 Mar 1972). Ouimet, one of the most important men in the history of Canadian cinema, was a true innovator.


Douglas Shadbolt

Douglas Shadbolt, architect, teacher (b at Victoria, BC 18 Apr 1925; d Vancouver, BC 8 May 2002). Educated at Victoria College, the University of British Columbia and McGill University, Shadbolt finished his architectural studies at the University of Oregon between 1955 and 1957.


Clem Martini

Clem Martini, playwright (born at Calgary 25 Aug 1956). Clem Martini grew up in Bowness, Alta. As a child he loved animals, the outdoors and reading. In high school he began writing short fiction and won several awards and contests, including the Woolworths Competition, for his stories.


Edward Alexander Partridge

Edward Alexander Partridge, farmer, farm leader, author (b at Whites' Corners [Dalston] near Barrie, Canada W 5 Nov 1862; d at Victoria 3 Aug 1931). Partridge grew up in an area where farm militancy was well established in the 1870s.


Leonard Byron Peterson

Leonard Byron Peterson, playwright (born at Regina, Sask 15 Mar 1917, died at Toronto 28 Feb 2008). Len Peterson grew up in Regina, spending his high school years at Scott Collegiate and then attending Regina's Luther College until 1936, in its arts program.


Walter Joseph Phillips

 Phillips soon became friends with another expatriate Englishman, Cyril H. Barraud, who in 1915 imparted to Phillips a love for the technical craft of printmaking, and etching in particular. Upon Barraud's enlistment in the Canadian army, Philllips purchased his printing press and equipment.


Lorne Albert Pierce

Lorne Albert Pierce, publisher, editor, writer (b at Delta, Ont 3 Aug 1890: d at Toronto 27 Nov 1961). Editor in chief of RYERSON PRESS 1922-60, Pierce championed Canadian writers and writing for over 40 years.


Antoine Plamondon

A fervent polemicist, Plamondon frequently wrote to the newspapers to argue his pictorial ideas and attack his rivals. In 1851, a year after winning a first prize with his Chasse aux tourtes at the Exposition de Québec, he moved his studio to Neuville, about 30 km upstream from Québec.


H. Frank Lewis

H. Frank Lewis, broadcaster, lieutenant-governor of Prince Edward Island (born in York, Prince Edward Island). Frank Lewis is Prince Edward Island's 41st lieutenant-governor.


Freeman Wilford Patterson

Patterson developed an interest in photography while studying for a Master's of Divinity at Union Theological Seminary, New York, during the early 1960s. In 1965 he gave up a position teaching religious studies in Alberta in order to devote himself to photography full time.


Barbara Lally Pentland

Barbara Lally Pentland, composer (b at Winnipeg 2 Jan 1912; d at Vancouver 5 Feb 2000). One of the first Canadian composers to use avant garde techniques, she studied at the Juilliard School of Music, New York City, and the Berkshire Music Center, Mass.


Jean-Claude Poitras

In 1972 Poitras opened "Parenthèse," his first design studio. It was located in Old Montréal and was open to the public. He designed his first line in the early 1970s for manufacturers Beverini and Auckie Sanft and introduced a bridge label named BOF! in the late 1970s.


Rolling Stones (Interview)

Some of my colleagues at the magazine wondered whether we should even bother talking to the Rolling Stones. I'd been offered separate audiences with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Exclusive Canadian access. But I'd interviewed them before, eight years ago.


Pierre Petitclair

Pierre Petitclair, dramatist (b at St-Augustin de Portneuf, Qué 12 Oct 1813; d at Pointe-au-Pot, Labrador 15 Aug 1860). He is author of the first play published by a native French Canadian, apart from dramatized political dialogues, Griphon, ou la vengeance d'un valet (1837).