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The Bells

The Bells (The Five Bells 1965-70). Montreal-based pop group active predominantly 1965-73.


Valerie Tryon

Valerie Tryon. Pianist, teacher, b Portsmouth, England, 5 Sep 1934, naturalized Canadian 1986; ARCM 1948, LRAM 1948, FRAM 1984, hon LWCM (Conservatory Canada) 1991, hon D LITT (McMaster) 2000.


Denise Fujiwara

She created Fujiwara Dance Inventions in 1991 to continue her solo projects. Notably in 1993, she began studying butoh with master choreographer and performer Natsu Nakajima. Nakajima created her interpretation of Motomasa's 15th century Noh play, Sumida River, for Fujiwara.


Monique Leyrac

Monique Leyrac, née Tremblay, singer, actress (b at Montréal 26 Feb 1928). Monique Leyrac's fortunate combination of musical and theatrical talents have enabled her to imbue her performances with emotional intensity.


Albert Frank Moritz

Albert Frank Moritz, poet, professor (b 15 Apr 1947 at Niles, Ohio, US). A.F. Moritz attended Marquette University (Wisconsin), where he earned a BA in journalism and a MA and PhD in English literature. Since 1974 he has lived in Toronto, where he is a professor at the University of Toronto.


Caro Lamoureux

Caro (Marie Julienne Pauline Caroline) Lamoureux. Soprano, b Montreal 3 Jan 1904, d there 11 Aug 1998. She studied voice with Céline Marier and stage technique with Jeanne Maubourg and Albert Roberval.


Vanessa Harwood

Known for her interpretation of leading roles inSwan Lake, The Dying Swan, Coppélia and Elite Syncopations, Harwood is admired for her virtuosity and her seductive stage presence.


Nora Clench

Esther Leonora Clench, violinist (born 6 May 1867 in St. Marys, ON; died 17 May 1938 in Toorak, Australia).



Cavalia, equestrian troop (Shawinigan, 2000 -). Cavalia was conceived by the visionary Normand Latourelle, who had already participated in the CIRQUE DU SOLEIL venture.


Laurence L. Kent

Kent's early films received limited distribution and were virtually forgotten until they were included in a retrospective of Canadian cinema at the Toronto Festival of Festivals (seeFILM FESTIVALS) in 1984.


Jean Éthier-Blais

Jean Éthier-Blais, professor, writer, literary critic (b at Sturgeon Falls, Ont 15 Nov 1925). Professor of French literature at McGill since 1962, Éthier-Blais regularly contributed literary criticism to Le Devoir from 1961. Some of these articles were published in Signets (3 vols, 1967, 1973).


Frederic Hubert Soward

Frederic Hubert Soward, historian, educator (b at Minden, Ont 10 Apr 1899; d at Vancouver 1 Jan 1985). Educated at Toronto, Edinburgh and Oxford, he taught history at UBC 1922-64 (head of department, 1953-63).


Olive Dickason

Olive Patricia Dickason (née Williamson), CM, Métis journalist, historian, university professor, author (born 6 March 1920 in Winnipeg, MB; died 12 March 2011 in Ottawa, ON). Dickason was the first scholar in Canada to receive a PhD in Indigenous history. Her ground-breaking research and books about Indigenous and Métis history and culture transformed how Canadians perceive the origin of their country and Indigenous peoples. Dickason’s work inspired a new generation of scholars, helping to launch Indigenous studies as an area of scholarly research. She received an Order of Canada in recognition of her achievements.


Charles A.E. Harriss

Charles Albert Edwin Harriss, composer, impresario, educator, organist-choirmaster, conductor (born 16 December 1862 in London, England; died 31 July 1929 in Ottawa, ON).


Kathleen Edwards (Profile)

KATHLEEN EDWARDS had a serious classical musical upbringing, of the sort suitable for the daughter of a senior Canadian diplomat. She played violin from age 5 to 17, studied with National Arts Centre Orchestra violinist Karoly Sziladi and was part of the Ottawa Youth Orchestra.


Dwayne Congdon

Dwayne Lyle Congdon, mountaineer and guide (b at Lethbridge, Alta 7 Aug 1956). From a love fostered by his parents on camping trips in the Rockies, Congdon decided in his early 20s to become an Alpine guide.