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Gary Relyea

Gary (Weston) Relyea. Bass-baritone, teacher, b Highland Park, Mich, 9 Apr 1942, naturalized Canadian 1972. Relyea studied piano at the University of Michigan and voice 1967-71 with Howell Glynne and Louis Quilico at the University of Toronto.


Don Francks

Don Harvey Francks. Singer, actor (born 28 February 1932 in Burnaby, BC; died 3 April 2016 in Toronto, ON).


Rawi Hage

Rawi Hage, novelist, photographer (b Beirut, Lebanon 1964). As a young man growing up in Beirut and Cyprus during the years of the Lebanese civil war, Rawi Hage experienced life in a war zone directly.


Roch Carrier

Roch Carrier, poet, writer of fiction and drama, essayist, former National Librarian of Canada (born at the Beauce, Qué 13 May 1937).


Bill Smith

Bill (William Ernest) Smith. Saxophonist, clarinetist, composer, editor, photographer, record producer, b Bristol, England, 12 May 1938. He studied aeronautical design at the North Staffordshire Technical Institute in Alsager, England, before moving in 1963 to Toronto.


M.G. (Moyez G.) Vassanji

THE BOOK OF SECRETS (1993) established Vassanji as an important voice in Canadian literature. Awarded the inaugural SCOTIABANK GILLER prize for fiction, it won both critical and popular acclaim. The Book of Secrets is representative of Vassanji's gift for storytelling.


Ethel Stark

Ethel (Gertrude) Stark. Violinist, conductor, teacher, born Montreal 25 Aug 1910, died there 16 Feb 2012; lauréat (AMQ) 1927, diploma (Curtis) 1934, fellow (Royal Society of Arts) 1980, honorary LL D (Concordia) 1980. Her Austrian-born parents were Adolph and Laura Stark.


Melvin Charney

Charney's first independent project was a school built at Lac Beauport, Qué, in 1964. In 1970 his proposal for the Canadian pavilion for the Osaka World Fair, although not selected, received wide acclaim.


Lionel Kearns

Lionel Kearns, poet and professor (born 6 February 1937 in Nelson, BC). In 1955, Lionel Kearns enrolled at the University of British Columbia, where Earle Birney advised his thesis on prosody and verse notation.


Elijah Harper

Elijah Harper, Oji-Cree politician, consultant, policy analyst (born 3 March 1949 at Red Sucker Lake, MB; died 17 May 2013 in Ottawa, ON). Harper is best known for the role he played in scuttling the Meech Lake Accord, for which he was named the Canadian Press newsmaker of the year for 1990.


Sass Jordan

Sarah (Sass) Jordan, singer, songwriter, actor (born 23 December 1962 in Birmingham, England). A dynamic singer with a sultry, prototypical blues-rock rasp, Sass Jordan had a string of hit songs and platinum-selling albums in the late 1980s and early 1990s.


John de Chastelain

A.J.G.D. (John) de Chastelain, twice Canada's Chief of the Defence Staff, Ambassador to the US, head of the International Commission on Decommissioning in Northern Ireland (b on 30 July 1937 at Bucharest, Romania).


Mark McKinney

In 1989 The Kids in the Hall debuted on the CBC in Canada and on HBO in the US. Along with the other four members, Mark McKinney was responsible for writing the series.


Gerald Finley

Gerald Finley. Bass-baritone, b Montreal 30 Jan 1960. Finley moved to Ottawa in 1968 and sang as a boy soprano in the St Matthew's Anglican Church choir under Brian Law.


Tecumseh and the War of 1812

On October 4, 1813, the eve of the Battle of Moraviantown, the great Shawnee chief Tecumseh had a foreboding. “Our lives are in the hands of the Great Spirit,” he said, “We are determined to defend our lands, and if it is His will, we wish to leave our bones upon them.


Alfonso Gagliano

Alfonso Gagliano, politician (born 1942 in Italy; died 12 December 2020). Alfonso Gagliano was the Member of Parliament for the Montreal neighbourhood of Saint-Leonard from 1984 until 2002. Following the 1997 election, he served as Minister of Public Works and Government Services in the cabinet of Prime Minister Jean Chrétien. He was also chair of the electoral commission of the Liberal Party in Quebec. Gagliano resigned from cabinet and the House of Commons to accept a position as ambassador to Denmark. He was fired by Prime Minister Paul Martin in 2004 for his role in the sponsorship scandal.