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Singing Schools

Singing schools. A New-World echo of an English movement to renovate psalm-singing. The schools appeared first in New England in the early 18th century.


Summer camps and schools

Each summer musicians of all ages and abilities meet at music camps and schools across Canada to participate in programs of specialized instruction, supervised music-making, and, often, social and recreational activities. At many of these camps, music is one facet of a larger arts program.


University Music Programs

Universities. Most of Canada's universities provide academic and extracurricular programs in music and therefore have entries in EMC. There are entries as well for subjects and subject areas related to higher education in music. See listing below.


Nadia Turbide

Nadia Turbide. Musicologist, teacher, translator, broadcaster, b Montreal 12 Jun 1945; BA music (Montreal) 1965, ARCT 1966, B MUS (McGill) 1969, MMA musicology (McGill) 1976, PH D musicology (Montreal) 1986.


Strathcona Scholarship

Strathcona Scholarship. Established in Montreal in 1895 by Donald Alexander Smith, statesman, financier, and philanthropist (b Forres, Moray, Scotland, 6 Aug 1820, d London 21 or 29 Jan 1914), who became Baron of Strathcona and Mount Royal in 1897.



Bibliography may be described as the listing, in descriptive detail, of items of printed literature; in a wider sense the term embraces the research and the theories employed toward this end.


Orff Approach

The Orff method, also known as Orff-Schulwerk or Music for Children, is an approach to music education conceived by the German composer Carl Orff (1895-1982). It was developed in the 1920s and 1930s while Orff was music director of the Günther-Schule, a school of dance and music in Munich.


Rhodes Scholarships

Under the terms of the will of Cecil Rhodes, Canadians became eligible to hold Rhodes scholarships in colleges of Oxford U. Since 1902 nearly 1000 scholars have been appointed by provincial selection committees answering to the Rhodes trustees in Britain.