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Ross Rebagliati

Ross Rebagliati, snowboarder, businessman (born 14 July 1971 in Vancouver, BC). Rebagliati won the first ever Olympic gold medal in snowboarding at the 1998 Olympic Winter Games in Nagano. However, soon after his victory, the International Olympic Committee announced that he had tested positive for marijuana and would be stripped of his medal. Within a week, the decision had been overturned by the Court of Arbitration in Sport and his medal reinstated. In 2013, Rebagliati founded Ross’ Gold, a medical marijuana business. The company promotes the medical and recreational use of marijuana for athletes.


Frederick William Russell

Frederick William Russell, businessman, lieutenant-governor of Nfld (b at St John's, Nfld 10 Sept 1923). Russell was a fighter pilot with the RCAF in WWII and retired as a wing commander. He went into the automotive business in St John's and then expanded into insurance and fishing.


William Allan

William Allan, businessman, politician (b near Huntly, Scot 1770; d at Toronto 11 July 1853). Between 1795 and 1822 Allan established himself as a prosperous merchant in York (Toronto), as a government officeholder and as a land speculator.


Alfred Boyd

Alfred Boyd, merchant, politician, premier of Manitoba, 1870-71 (d in Eng 1909). Described as a "native of Canada," Boyd was operating a general store at Red River prior to the troubles of 1869-70.


Bronfman Sells DuPont

Former film-maker Edgar Bronfman Jr. showed last week that he still has a flair for the dramatic. Investors and analysts were kept on the edge of their seats as the 39-year-old chief executive of Seagram Co. Ltd.


James William Carmichael

James William Carmichael, shipbuilder-owner, merchant, politician (b at New Glasgow, NS 16 Dec 1819; d there 1 May 1903). Carmichael, son of New Glasgow's founder, James Carmichael, became its most prominent merchant, shipbuilder and shipowner.


John Paris Bickell

John Paris Bickell, mining executive (b at Molesworth, Ont 26 Sept 1884; d at New York City, NY 22 Aug 1951). A Toronto broker, Bickell invested in a Porcupine gold property that formed the basis of McIntyre Porcupine Mines Ltd, of which he was president and later chairman.


Sir Hugh Andrew Allan

Sir Hugh Andrew Montagu Allan, banker, shipowner, sportsman (b at Montréal 13 Oct 1860; d there 26 Sept 1951), second son of Sir Hugh ALLAN. To avoid confusion with his cousin Hugh Andrew Allan (1857-1938), he changed his name to Hugh Montagu in 1878.


Henry Birks

Henry Birks, silversmith, founder of Henry Birks and Sons (b at Montréal 30 Nov 1840; d there 16 Apr 1928). He graduated from Montreal High School in 1856 and spent the next winter perfecting his French. In April 1857 he joined Savage and Lyman, a large firm of watchmakers and jewellers.


André Bureau

André Bureau, communications administrator (b at Trois-Rivières, Qué 10 Oct 1935). Bureau was trained in law at Université Laval and at Paris's Université de Droit Comparé.


Robert Montgomery Horne-Payne

Robert Montgomery Horne-Payne, financier (b in Eng; d at Brentwood, Eng 30 Jan 1929). Long an invalid, he rarely visited Canada, but his financial skills left an imprint on the landscape and a northern Ontario town (Hornepayne) bears his name.


Humphrey Lloyd Hime

Humphrey Lloyd Hime, photographer, surveyor, businessman, financier (b at Moy, Ire 17 Sept 1833; d at Toronto 31 Oct 1903). Noted as a pioneer photographer on the Canadian prairies, Hime was photographer and surveyor on the


Joseph Howse

Joseph Howse, fur trader, explorer, linguist (b at Cirencester, Eng c 1774; d there 4 Sept 1852). In 1795 Howse signed on with the Hudson's Bay Co as a "writer.


Robert Hobson

Robert Hobson, industrialist (b at Berlin [Kitchener], Canada W 13 Aug 1861; d at Hamilton, Ont 25 Feb 1926). Hobson worked first for the Grand Trunk Railway and in 1896 he became secretary-treasurer of the Hamilton Blast Furnace Co.


Henry Borden

Henry Borden, businessman, public servant (b at Halifax 25 Sept 1901; d at Toronto 5 May 1989). Educated at McGill, Dalhousie and Oxford, Borden became one of Toronto's most prominent corporate lawyers.


Isaac Buchanan

Isaac Buchanan, merchant, politician, pamphleteer (b at Glasgow, Scot 21 July 1810; d at Hamilton, Ont 1 Oct 1883). As founder and leading local partner of Upper Canada's largest wholesale firm, he was prominent from 1832 to 1844 in the commerce of Toronto and, after 1851, of Hamilton.