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David Stirling

David Stirling, architect (b at Galashiels, Scot 6 Dec 1822; d at Charlottetown 13 Apr 1887). Stirling immigrated to St John's in 1847 and worked on the rebuilding of the town after the fire of 1846.


Editorial: The Charlottetown Conference of 1864 and the Persuasive Power of Champagne

On Monday, 29 August 1864, eight of 12 cabinet members from the government of the Province of Canadaboarded the steamer Queen Victoria in Quebec City. They had heard that representatives of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEIwere meeting in Charlottetown to discuss a union of the Maritime colonies. (See Charlottetown Conference.) The Canadian officials hoped to crash the party. Their government was gripped in deadlock. Even old enemies such as John A. Macdonald and George Brownagreed that a new political arrangement was needed. As the Queen Victoria made its way slowly down the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Canadians frantically worked on their pitch.


Fort Amherst

Fort Amherst, on the west shore of Charlottetown Harbour, PEI, was built in late 1758 by the British. The site had been known previously as Port La Joie, established in 1720 as the capital of the French colony of Île Saint-Jean.


Bernard Donald Macdonald

Bernard Donald Macdonald, Roman Catholic bishop of Charlottetown (b at Allisary, PEI 25 Dec 1797; d at St Dunstan's College, near Charlottetown, 30 Dec 1859). In 1812 Macdonald was one of the first 2 Island boys sent to study for the priesthood at the Grand Seminary of Québec.


Cliff Jones

Jones, Cliff (Clifford Ernest Barnett). Composer, lyricist, writer, b Toronto 26 Jun 1943; BA psychology (Toronto) 1965, MA psychology (Calgary) 1967, B Ed (Toronto) 1994. Jones studied piano 1948-61 at the Royal Conservatory of Music and arranging 1972-5 with Gordon Delamont.


Sir Louis Henry Davies

Sir Louis Henry Davies, lawyer, politician, judge, premier of Prince Edward Island (b at Charlottetown 4 May 1845; d at Ottawa 1 May 1924). Member of a family prominent in local business and politics, Davies was educated at Prince of Wales College, Charlottetown, before studying law in London.


Edward Whelan

Edward Whelan, politician, journalist (born 1824 in Ballina, Ireland; died 10 December 1867 in Charlottetown, PE).


Dayton Accord Signed

In fewer weeks from now, if the pact that the leaders initialled on Nov. 21 proceeds as planned, a U.S.-led international army will launch an effort to turn virtual reality into actuality.


Robert Ghiz

Robert Watson Joseph Ghiz, premier of Prince Edward Island 2007-2015, political aide, business adviser and advocate, (born 21 January 1974 in Charlottetown, PEI). Joe and Robert Ghiz were the second set of father-son premiers in PEI history.


Henry Wolsey Bayfield

Henry Wolsey Bayfield, naval officer, hydrographic surveyor (b at Hull, Eng 21 Jan 1795; d at Charlottetown 10 Feb 1885). At age 11, Bayfield joined the Royal Navy. In 1816 he was engaged by Captain W.F. Owen to assist in surveying Lake Ontario.


Kronborg: 1582

Kronborg: 1582 (other titles: Rockabye Hamlet, Something's Rockin' in Denmark, Hamlet - The Musical). Rock musical by Cliff Jones after Shakespeare's Hamlet.


George Coles

George Coles, premier of Prince Edward Island (1851–54, 1854–59, 1867–68), distiller, brewer, merchant, farmer (born 20 September 1810 in Prince Edward Island; died 21 August 1875 in Charlottetown Royalty, PE).


Hillsborough River

The Hillsborough River begins near the white sand beaches of the north shore and winds 45 km through rich farm country to its mouth (Charlottetown Harbour) on the south shore of Prince Edward Island. At its mouth, the North and West rivers come together to meet the Hillsborough.


Robert Harris

Robert Harris, artist and teacher (born 18 September 1849 in Vale of Conway, Wales; died 27 February 1919 in Montréal, QC).