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Liberal Québec MPs New Faces

Ninety minutes into their first encounter at 24 Sussex Drive on Nov. 25, Prime Minister Jean Chrétien interrupted University of Montreal professor Stéphane Dion's scholarly discourse on how to keep Quebec within Canada to make a startling offer.


Nunziata Expelled From Liberal Caucus

This article was originally published in Maclean’s magazine on May 6, 1996. Partner content is not updated.

His party had taken almost three years to admit the obvious - that it could not find a way to fulfil its pledge to scrap the Goods and Services tax. And the least his colleagues could do, in John Nunziata's opinion, was to wait another week for his explanation of why he had broken with them.


Claude Ryan

In 1978 he was chosen to succeed Robert BOURASSA as leader of the Québec Liberal Party and entered the National Assembly the next year as the member for Argenteuil.


Adélard Godbout

Joseph-Adélard Godbout, agronomist, professor, leader of the Quebec Liberal Party and premier of Québec (born 24 September 1892 in Saint-Éloi, Québec; died 18 September 1956 in Montréal, Québec).


John Cullen Nugent

John Cullen Nugent, sculptor, educator (b at Montréal 5 Jan 1921). Studies at St John's University (Collegeville, Minn) exposed him to liberal ideals and the postwar Catholic renewal in the arts.