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Douglas Kirkland

Douglas Morely Kirkland, photographer (born 16 August 1934 in Toronto, ON; died 2 October 2022 in Los Angeles, California). Photographer Douglas Kirkland was best known for his highly stylized and artistic portraits of Hollywood celebrities. His best-known work was a series of photographs he took of Marilyn Monroe in 1961. He was also well known for his behind-the-scenes photographs from many film productions. The first still photographer to be made a member of the American Society of Cinematographers, Kirkland authored several books and received numerous awards.



In the 18th century, Louisbourg was a fortified town and an important strategic capital in the French colony of Île Royale (Cape Breton Island). It was the scene of two major military sieges in the Anglo-French wars for supremacy in North America. The fall of Louisbourg to the British in 1758 paved the way for the capture of Québec and the end of French rule in North America. Today, Louisbourg is a national historic site and a popular tourist destination in Cape Breton.