Biencourt, Charles de, Baron de Saint-Just

Charles de Biencourt, Baron de Saint-Just, colonizer in Acadia (b in Champagne, France 1591 or 1592; d in Acadia 1623), eldest son of Jean de Biencourt de Poutrincourt. He accompanied his father on colonizing expeditions to Acadia in 1606 and 1610, and then took charge on his father's behalf at Port-Royal [Annapolis Royal, NS]. He was given command of the colony in 1614.

As a young man, Biencourt was reputedly tactless in dealing with others, and his violent quarrels with Jesuit missionaries undoubtedly harmed the colony. His determination, however, was crucial to the survival of the French presence in Acadia after a disastrous English raid in 1613. He struggled for 10 years thereafter to promote the colony's recovery.